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Sassein Meri – Zoheb Hassan’s breathtaking new single

Sassein Meri – Zoheb Hassan’s breathtaking new single

By Shershah Ahmed: Zoheb Hassan can be described in three simple words; Pakistani pop legend. Half of the legendary duo that was ‘Nazia and Zoheb’, Zoheb Hassan’s career began in the early 1980’s where he and his sister Nazia Hassan catapulted to the top of the Pakistani pop music scene. Starting with their debut album ‘Disco Deewane’, which became the best-selling album in Asia at the time, the duo became a household name, beloved by millions and they went on to release a few more critically acclaimed albums before disbanding in the 1990’s. Taking an extended hiatus from music after his sister’s untimely demise, Zoheb Hassan recently made a foray back into the Pakistani music scene, culminating in a well-received appearance on Coke Studio Pakistan in 2014 and his latest single ‘Sassein Meri’ is a joy to listen to.

Watch the music video of “Sassein Meri”

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‘Sassein Meri’ is the pop sensation’s newest release, and comes complete with a music video. Released by EMI Pakistan and directed by Shayan Agha, the video is a visual joy. With moody lighting, and professionally crafted camera angles, with the images melding into one another, the video bolsters the melancholic mood of the song. Apart from the obvious modern touch, the video still carries a hint of nostalgia in terms of mood as it seems like it could belong in the mid 80’s, back when Zoheb Hassan first took the subcontinent by storm. All in all, the video does well in conveying a yearning tone, without seeming pretentious.

The song itself is well crafted and the production is among the best you’ll hear. It is in its essence a modern Pakistani pop song, yet its spirit and the singing style brought by Zoheb Hassan is undeniably rooted in the 80’s and 90’s. Zoheb’s voice still carries the presence it is well known for and is still capable of evoking emotion in the listener and that is bolstered by the various vocal harmonies that are placed throughout the song. The curveball thrown by the song is quite unexpected, and that is each chorus is sung in English which makes for a refreshing change of pace, and keeps the listener engaged. The fact that it does not seem jarring or out of place is what is surprising, and the Urdu/English meld very well and form a very well-crafted song. Nazia Hassan would certainly be proud of her brother.


Zoheb Hassan is obviously still very talented, and is still capable of releasing a highly engaging and addictive pop track. With someone out of touch with the Pakistani music scene for so long, one would imagine him only being able to ride the coattails of his earlier success, but thankfully this is not the case and the fact that ‘Sassein Meri’ can get the foot tapping with ease makes this crystal clear. For further releases by the legend that is Zoheb, stay abreast with Taazi.com!