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Seven mind-blowing music videos of 2016!

Seven mind-blowing music videos of 2016!

By Eman Zameer Rahman:

What is better than music to sooth your soul and uplift your spirits? 2016 has been a musical year for Pakistan! And BOOM! The year ends leaving us with beautiful music prints of releases that swooned us the entire year one after the other. Our Rock stars made sure that they have swayed us with their powerful music echoing in our mind, throughout the year. Young talents entered the musical field, making sure to set a firm foot in the industry and in the hearts of people- To mark their name in the musical arena.

Listen to Best of 2016

Let’s have a look at the amazing musical videos that has made it to the 2016 top list:


1. Aithay Rakh– The Punjabi Beats!

A super energetic drive by our bhangra musician Abrar ul Haq. A vibrant array of colors of display with that comedy story line, plus the voice and naught smile of Abrar Ul Haq will pop out your eyes!


The video starts showing people wrapped up in their chores when Abrar’s voice hits their sense and grab their attention. When they look up their screen seeing a beautiful girl with big eyes and the rock star on TV, the entire awaam go Wooaah!

2. Koi Rokay Na Mujhe – Something to give you Oomph!

Farhan Saeed luxuriant mafia style along the eternal beauty Iman Ali, spilling the screen with the heat of passion of all the darkness. Who can escape from the charm and terror of the Mafia World and why? The mystery unleashes in the story line of this video!


Iman Ali tangled in the love of the don and charms of the luxuries around, is haunted by herself. Directed by the talented Humza Yousaf, it is a story that shows the dirty games of under World. The darkness that exists in it and the way it is ruled. Play along boldly and smartly or lose your life, it shows the risky games and the prowess of the devil- Rule! Iman Ali is devastated away by her life- How she takes charge and escape is the storyline of this flick of ‘Koi Rokay Na Mujhe’.

3. Desan Da Raja (Sohni Kuri) – Those Dance vibes!

A pitch-perfect song for a wedding dance. This season if you are searching for a super entertaining dhamakedar song for your dance performance, this song is your pick.


Cornetto Pop Rock exuberantly situated the video in a fully decorated Peshawari bus. Komal Rizvi’s expressions and her slow dance moves are fun to watch. And that’s when Qurram comes in walking through the crowded streets and joins Komal in the bus, creating an exciting duo. It makes you a part of this inescapable energy and adornment of this video – Let’s sweep on our feet!

4. Tanha – A nostalgia!

Missing home when you are away, is the worst thing possible! Especially the food, trust me! That nostalgia is described in this flick with an emotional musical duo- It’s a beautiful avant-garde by Ali Haider & Emma Mall. The lyrics and the visuals perfectly resonates the loneliness and melancholy which you feel when you are far away from your loved ones.


Shooted on the street of Chicago, showing Ali Haider and Emma happily taking in the feel of the new land and submerged in their new life; until the sadness overcome them. The crowded city, but the lonely feelings. The fake smiles, but the satisfaction in bank cards; After all earning for living pulls you away from your lives. The scene where Ali puts on glasses to cover his red eyes, as he thinks of his family back home will wrench your heart- If you have ever stayed away from home, you will catch the exact feels of this.

5. Tajdar-e-Haram; The ultimate spiritual capsule!

This is a master piece! Coke Studio gives us one best after another- nonstop in every season. Tajdar-e-haram is a heavenly composition. The best that is ever made out there- A reverberating notes!


This version of Tajdar-e-haram by Atif Aslam takes you away with this powerful ‘kalaam’ that makes you forget this World. It’s an unbelievable 10.29 magic melody and not for a second you feel detached or driven off somewhere else from Atif’s voice. It is a picturesque, you won’t be able to take-off your eyes from Atif during the whole flick.

6. Kuch Na Raha– Bring out the blues, the cries and the cues!

A soft sad romantic songs by this gifted artist- Sibte Hassan. The high and low pitch beautifully incorporated, creating a musical pattern along with a string- is undoubtedly good. Whereby, the video shows all the sorrows a person goes through in a melancholy state, when is heartbroken and saddened to the core.


What you do when you are broken? Lock yourself out in a room, draw the curtains on, cry your heart out and break the things around you; feel worthless inside-out and hate this Zindagi which made you suffer all this, right? Right! That twilight is displayed in this flick.

7. Kameez Teri Kali– Our fav Black Magic!

Kameez teri kali makes you sing to the tunes of its music, no matter what province you belongs to in Pakistan. The magic of black is unavoidable and inescapable and so is this song. Mehak Ali is a new brilliant entrant to the music field. You have heard her on Nescafe singing the historical folk. Not Yet? Dig in now into the black hole of melody. You will surely love it.


Watch her perform with that prowess on the screen along her band.

Oh My! A confetti of music it was! Now we are on pins and needles waiting for the MUSIC that this New Year is going to bring along it. 2017 We are ready for the musical splash, so please be good to us by bringing lots of joy and exuberant music with you.

Taazi seeks to inspire and empower the next generation of musicians and artists in Pakistan. We are hoping to see much more young talents in the upcoming year.