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Sharmistha Chatterjee joins Mekaal Hasan Band as the lead Vocalist

Sharmistha Chatterjee joins Mekaal Hasan Band as the lead Vocalist

By AHMAD UZAIR | So finally after being in a sleep mode for a long time, Mekaal Hasan Band has once again broken up but this time around they have made a comeback with a massive lineup that according to them is “the first real cross-border collaboration of this sort”

MHB remains to be one of the most critically acclaimed musical band of Pakistan till date with atleast 3 different vocalist being part of the band over the span of 2 decades.

Recently the Facebook fanpage of the band was updated that revealed the new collaborative venture of the band. It says,

“Everyone! We would like to officially announce the new Mekaal Hasan Band lineup, featuring the very best musicians from both India and Pakistan. We hope it will help us celebrate our shared cultural heritage. Lineup includes: 1. Mekaal Hasan – Guitar 2. Ahsan Papu – Flute 3. Sharmistha Chatterjee – Vocals 4. Gino Banks – Drums 5. Sheldon D’Silva – Bass .”

The most notable new inclusion in the band is that of Sharmistha Chatterjee who belongs to Maharashtra, India. Miss Chatterjee would be the new voice of the band from now on as the band prepares to take on stage around the world. They sounded very excited about the response from their first outing as a unit

“We just completed our very first show in Baroda to a roaring crowd of thousands. The response was phenomenal. “

And with all this fizzy, MHB also plans to release the album very soon that would mostly be a Sufi oriented record.

 “The album drops very very soon now. Mixing and mastering is complete. It’s just a matter of setting a date now. We at the MHB camp are incredibly stoked; we just hope you guys are ready!”

But at the same time, many are disappointed with the fact that Javed Bashir, the lead vocalist of the band for past few years has once again left the band. It would not be wrong to say that it was the sheer vocal power of Javed that gave the band a lot of limelight which it has today. Unfortunately they had to part ways and the band holds Bollywood responsible for his exit. Also they are very optimistic about the new vocalist of the band.

“While we realize many of our older fans miss Javed. Javed bashir decided to leave the band and pursue a career in Bollywood. Sharmistha is an amazing vocalist and you will be blown away when you hear her perform on the new record.”


We wish MHB all the very best of luck and hope that we get to hear some amazing tunes from their end very soon.