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Shout-out to the rocking Mamas in our music industry!

Shout-out to the rocking Mamas in our music industry!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid: Doing chores all day while taking care of the kids is a hard job, yet our mothers manage it so well!

From bandaging your scraped knees to always being there to encourage you, from helping you in your homework to cleaning the mess you’ve made all day, from cooking your favorite food to doing the dishes; surely a woman does the most for her children.

And then there are mommies who maintain an effective career along with thinking twice a million times for their kids. They know very well how to keep a work-family balance in their busy life.

These five women rock, no matter if they’re on or off the stage!

1. Meesha Shafi

A lady with a healthy life style, heart-warming Colgate smile, extraordinary vocals & two beautiful kids ‘Janevi and Kazimir‘.

Listen to Meesha Shafi

2. Muniba Mazari

Our nation’s pride is a role model for women. She’s motivational speaker, an artist, a singer & a mother of a cute little boy Nyle.

Listen to Silsilay Tor Gaya by Muniba

3. Hadiqa Kiani

She’s known by every Pakistani who listens to music. Her dressing sense is outstanding & so is her voice! She has one handsome boy Naad-E-Ali.

Listen to Hadiqa Kiani

4. Annie Khalid

A lady curled up in her curls not only have Looooong beautiful hair, but also have an adorable little angel named Isha. Her Instagram is full of her daughters pictures <3 and of her curls. :p

Listen to Annie Khalid

5. Abida Parveen

The queen of Sufi music has two daughters Pereha Ikram and Marium Hussain, and a son Saranj.

Listen to Abida Parveen


Happy Mother’s Day to all our Superhero Mothers Out There!