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Shuja Hyder Enrapturing Fans with His Soulful Crooning!

Shuja Hyder Enrapturing Fans with His Soulful Crooning!

By Hina Anjum

Well, well, well, look who it is!

He has come a long way since ‘Tera Woh Pyar’ to ‘Dil Maachis’ — singer Shuja Hyder belted out his favorite chartbuster on an exclusive interview to Taazi. Shuja Hyder, while recollecting his journey as he made his debut with the single ‘Tera Woh Pyar’ in 2003, said: “I sang a couple of songs, but nevertheless, Tera Woh Pyar will always remain in my heart.”shuja

Shuja Hyder with its latest track ‘Dil Maachis – OST of drama serial ‘Muqadas’, enraptured us and took us to new levels of awesomeness. The soundtrack is very well put together; the song flows beautifully and shows off his soulful vocal style. Shuja Hyder has very well written lyrics. He uses good projection in his music and great emotion, because he knows how to stress different words in the songs that he thinks should have more focus.

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This is a classic, one that you will feel compelled to pull out over and over. Shuja Hyder does a fantastic job of telling us what he wants to bring to the world of music through his tracks.

On the strength of “Dil Maachis”, I snooped through Shuja’s catalog and caught up with some really cool vibes. Songs Like “Tu Mera Hi Rahe”, “Baanwerey”, and “Nawazishein”, among others.

Track after track, Shuja Hyder is as consistent as an artist can be in his work. Shuja’s formula is simple yet effective. Use smooth beats, a catchy hook, and have each song reach that climatic point to emphasize the lyrics and storyline. And he nails it each and every time!

Without a doubt, Shuja Hyder has a soulful and heart touching voice! When asked if he sees himself making an announcement of his debut album in the future, he stated: “Not really, I haven’t thought of that until now. But I have planned to release two tracks after Eid-ul-Fitr, as a gift for the fans.”

He further added: “My fans always saw the release of songs that spoke of love, but, this time, I’ll come up with something different, something closer to reality.”

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Shuja Hyder so illustriously croons his soul out that whatever he would choose to sing, you’ll fall for it. His lyrics are so captivating and his voice so rich that you can’t help but to enjoy each and every line he drops.shuja

With his soulful, melodic beats, smooth voice, and groovy bass lines, you can’t go wrong with his tracks as an addition to your collection… in anticipation of the upcoming tracks! Go to Shuja Hyder’s profile on Taazi.com, and load up your mp3 player, slip on your earphones, and crank up the tunes.