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Sitting in Abbas Ali Khan’s Mehfil

Sitting in Abbas Ali Khan’s Mehfil

By Isbah Khalid: Ever since his marvelous appearance on Coke Studio in Season 7 Abbas Ali Khan has been moving from big to bigger stuff and that bigger stuff definitely includes producing the background scores for two films; Jalaibee and Dekha magar Pyaar Se where he has unleashed the power of his musical talent and painted the songs in those embellishments that just keep getting better and demand to be heard and appreciated.

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This time he is making it big with his new video “Mehfil” from his album Tamam Alam Mast, and if the background scores sounded brilliant to you wait till you see the new music video, its absolutely brilliant! Shot at the beautiful National College of Arts the video represents the essence of the song beautifully. Jamal Shah can be seen instructing the students to paint Abbas Ali Khan but not his physical and apparent self but what lays underneath- thus pointing out the importance of what’s in the soul as compared to what the naked eye sees- seeing beyond the boundaries and facades and what comes next just transcends all notions of mystical and soulful themes of music.







The song breaks into woeful lyrics originally written by the sufi poet Hazrat Zaheen Shah Taji we see soon enough how the voice connects with the song and how the song eventually connects with the lyrics- it’s a beautiful cycle of brilliantly entangled musical world which is such a treat and a complete therapy for heart and soul.

Teri mehfil me hum khoye hue se paaye jatay hain
Yahan pe hum hosh atay nahi laye jatay hain
Muhabbat hamain kis manzil pe le aayi Khuda janay
Tasalli aap dearahay hain, hum ghabraye jatay hain

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A tale of unrequited love although it narrates originally and in this video we see how every student’s imagination and interpretation differs representing Abbas Ali as an angel, a tied up man, a clown and a devil referring to the fact that we all have these faces hidden beneath just one and it is such a visual treat watching the video transforming into a thing of beauty and reality. Great song, beautiful vocals, an amazing video-This is a must watch!