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Sohail Haider Pays Mellifluous Tribute to late Mehdi Hassan

Sohail Haider Pays Mellifluous Tribute to late Mehdi Hassan

Pop Singer and composer Sohail Haider released a soothing ghazal ‘Main Hosh Main Tha’ to pay tribute to legendary late Mehdi Hassan. From an early age, Sohail Haider was inspired by many musicians from various regions such as Mehdi Hasan, Elton John, Steve Wonder, etc. His in laws (Malick family) has endorsed and assisted to full extent as his wife Dua Malick and her sister Humaima Malick has produced the music video while her brother Feroz Khan has starred in the video. Sohail Haider is among the most trained singers from Pakistan. He was trained under Ustad Niaz Ahmed, Karamat Ali and Alyas Faisal.

‘Main Hosh Mein Tha’ is an original song by Mehdi Hassan and Sohail Haider’s version has being receiving enormous positive response by his fans and critics. The song is an excellent tribute to a name as big as Mehdi Hassan with perfect composition. I must admit if Sohail Haider had Riaaz (practice) a little bit more before singing the song then it’d have been ultimate perfection. He starts too quickly which spoils all the sweetness of the deeply significant words. A grand piano, acoustic guitars and jazz drums jointly produce an emotional, passionate and profound music to go with his sugary vocals and emotional lyrics which obliges you to play the song repeatedly.

The song even created a buzz across the border. Famous Bollywood producer Tanuj Garj has also appreciated the song on his Twitter account and tweeted, “Unarguably the best tribute paid to Mehdi Hassan Saab by Karachi boy Sohail Haider”. Sohail Haider’s previous song, ‘Ranjish he Sahi’, which was also a tribute to (late) Mehdi.

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Sohail Haider first set foot in the musical expose in 1995 with his ever so supportive mother who pushed him, groomed him, supported him and stood behind like his spine. His first television appearance was on PTV in 1999 where he performed a national song with the Benjamin sisters. He then formed a band named ‘Evolution’ in 2003 but could not pursue participation because he knew he had to place his studies before.

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In nutshell, ‘Main Hosh Mein Tha’ is a delightful and pleasant melody that is guaranteed to make you fall all over in love and one can go on listening for days. This ensures that melody shall be kept intact, and shall remain alive in our hearts for many years.