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Solving the Riddle – Paheli Album Review

Solving the Riddle – Paheli Album Review

By Aayan Arif:Releasing an album these days, is risky business but as they say, “Success comes to those who take risk” truly fits to Ali Ashraf. The Islamabad based Singer/Song writer has finally come up with an album of his own, Paheli. Ali being a law student, ad maker and a film maker  makes a unique combination that also depicts in his album. His notion of music, “A mystic divinity that flows through the instruments and manifests through spoken word, connecting one person to another through pure emotion with a personal interpretation of every song by every listener” shows that he wants to bond people not capture them.
His voice has a new texture that makes him different and incomparable from others. His new album Paheli sounds quite amazing in a sense that it has no specific genre. It wouldn’t be wrong to term it as a Fusion album.

All is well that starts well suits to the first song Merey Yaar. The humming and flutes are the highlight in this song. Ali no doubt, has sung it with lots of feel and it sounds in the song. Album slowly pick up pace with Chotay Qadam. This song reminds the melodies of the Vital Signs’ Era. Ali certainly can find way to his destiny with his Chotay Qadam.
The “Jazz feel” sounds in Dhoop. It can make one feel exhilarating with the intoxicating music of the song. Amazing guitar riffs, pleasing drums makes this song a must listen. Paheli is seriously awesome. Wow, this guy nailed it. Rhythmic ups and downs in this song are highly appreciable. Sahil is a wonderful blue song. Blues guitars and violins were enough to win hearts but the charm that Ali offers with captivating lyrics, compliments the song in sheer elegance.


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With Silsilay, starts a Silsila (series) of Rock songs, solely for Rock lovers. The haunting style of singing in this song elaborates that Ali Ashraf has a diverse range of singing styles that he can experiment in future. Tumbaku Noshi carries the rock feel- phase of the album. One can easily crunch teeth in excitement and move their heads like true Rock Stars use to do. Bhaee Waah is the only word we can say to it. Sitam has two versions, regular and the unplugged version. But regular version is more soft and pleasing to the ears. Alaaps in this song should have been avoided as they are unnecessarily present but still the song is good to listen.
Zara Sa the last song, is a beautiful song. It has a progressive rock and eastern melody structure feel. More lyrics and fewer repetitions could have made this song a wonder. Nevertheless, it sums up the album spectacularly.
Till the end of the album, the Paheli remains unanswered as what actually the genre of the album was. But for now, Paheli truly will establish an image of a maestro for Ali Ashraf.

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