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Taazi: Raising the Roof for live music

Taazi: Raising the Roof for live music

By Khaya Ahmed: The past month became a series of highs for Pakistani music especially in our nation’s capital, as we saw the rise of local musicians who took to the stage in an era where live music was declared all but dead. And just when we thought we were done riding the musical wave sweeping our capital, acclaimed international DJ, Diplo along with accompanying artists set Islamabad ablaze with their electric performances. It looks like live music is finally seeping back into our lives and the people of Islamabad couldn’t be happier.



Taazi has been involved as a digital media partner in all three recent events as well as acting as an organizer in Diplo’s concert. Needless to say, they’ve been floored by the momentous response they’ve received for their events, in specific; Taazi Jams, a series of live events which is going to be organized around the country that kicked off with Girl Power, an acoustic event headlined by some of the major underground female artists. Diplo concert was next on the check list where Taazi was not only a digital media partner but organizer of the event as well.


This event incorporated both International and local acts in the form of fan favorites Adil Omar, and Quratulain Baloch. Taazi’s latest endeavor was being a digital media partner for Khumariyaan, a band that is now synonymous with the sound of Peshawar.

Girl Power

Girl Power

Party Anthems playlist

Party Anthems


Amazing A’s

This latest event marked another check in the success box, which ended with the audience grooving to their eclectic Pashtun beat with their opener Bela, right down to their ending tune Tamasha, a song that defined who they were as a band. True to their roots, the band also included Zwangeer, in their set list; a theme used by the Peshawar Zalmi during the PSL, a song that elevated them to new heights while highlighting the beauty and culture of Peshawar.


It’s safe to say that with positive responses from musicians and audiences alike, Taazi has just begun its musical revolution; one they cannot do without the help of artists willing to share their voices with the nation.