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Tag, sing & repeat! Whose version of #JeeLayHarPal is your favorite?

Tag, sing & repeat! Whose version of #JeeLayHarPal is your favorite?

By Syeda Yousra Khalid: After Coca Cola’s campaign theme song ‘Zalima’ & Momina Mustehsan’s appearance in sprite’s advertisement, we have Pepsi Pakistan‘s latest anthem in voice of their brand ambassador and our superstar, Atif Aslam!

The song intends to force our youth to make their moments valuable, for we never know what’s coming next.

Listen to Jee Lay Har Pal

And then something extra ordinary happened that entertained us even more. The new versions of Pepsi’s #JeeLayHarPal  by few talented musicians of Pakistan came out one after the other.

First it was Naseer Afridi who took the song to the whole new level.

Awesome, isn’t it? Many people even find it better than the original one!

He then tagged Abdullah Qureshi who covered the song so beautifully that you can’t help but to replay it again and again.

And it went on, when Qureshi asked Sounds of Kolachi to do the same and here’s how they sang it.

Things got more exciting when these amazing members of the band tagged Roots saying ‘Let’s see what she brings to the song’ which made us realize that the game has just begun!

And of course she superbly nailed it with her melodious voice.

And asked 4Pae to come up with their version of the song.

The best part in the video were their instruments. 😀

haha, Akheer.

Then Ali Aftab Saeed  was chosen to sing #JeeLayHarPal.

Here’s how it went:

Read this video’s caption and you’ll know what’s coming your way! 😀

YESSSS. Soch  has been tagged by Ali!

Excited? We’re too! Can’t wait to see how that will go.

Listening to these amazing versions shows how much talent we have in our music industry!