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Taimoor Mirza – Oozing Talent

Taimoor Mirza – Oozing Talent

By Isbah Khalid: There are talented people who work hard, there are hardworking people who produce talent and then there is Taimoor Mirza: a perfect amalgamation of voice, soul and music. It won’t be wrong to say that this talented being is oozing out pure musical talent, it’s overflowing at points and every now and then this generous soul shares some of it with us.doodh patti

Listen and Download ‘Kon Hay Tu’ by Taimoor Mirza

As if working on countless great projects especially the very famous album he worked on for Abbas Ali Khan wasn’t enough for him, he stepped out with a brilliant video “Kon Hay Tu” which is rich with his soulful vocals and themusic is soft and perfect. The song has been a huge hit and no surprises there; with saxophone, violins, guitars, beautiful lyrics and a perfect voice to put life into them the song was already destined to be a hit.

And yeah that is so not it for this guy! He has launched a whole new show called “Doodh Patti”, which is by definition a musical platform that encourages people from different backgrounds to come under the umbrella and share, collaborate and create new music. This discovering, re-creation and evolution of music will serve as a huge platform for emerging talent. Taimoor Mirza is the mastermind behind it and is producing the show. I must say 15 years of life dedicated to music can only produce something brilliant.

His technical support is as perfect as he is; Hassan Naeem of Channel Tek, Islamabad has been given the task of handling audio, video, media and technology. He will give Doodh Patti that extra touch of professionalism and help make this project a successful one that fulfills its purpose.

Check out the soulful tracks in ‘Mystic Radio Playlist’

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Emerging talent, upcoming artists, renowned and established ones, they will all find this platform to be a place where they can truly create spectacular music and share it with everyone. All genres will be included and all languages will be catered too. Our rich folk music will find home here too with the traditional talents coming together to add that illaichi to our fabulous world of Doodh Patti. This will surely be something sensational and with Taimoor Mirza behind it all, it will definitely have that extra karak.  Doodh Patti won’t disappoint. Keep following peeps!