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Ten most played songs on Taazi revealed!

Ten most played songs on Taazi revealed!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid: New Year is just around the corner!  So before we update our playlists with the upcoming hits, let’s look back at the songs that helped us kicking off the boredom in 2k16!

From losing our gems to not having rain, we surely went through a lot this year. But then we realized we have so many things to be happy about. 😀


So roll your car’s window down and enjoy the chilly air touching your face while listening to these ten top songs that will make you get lost & forget everything!

JK don’t do that. You may want to play them & sit near the heater instead. O_o

Listen to Best of 2016

Anyhow, here are the top ten songs of the year:

1.  Mann Mayal – Caution: If you’re sad already, DON’T listen to it.


This is what happens when superb Shuja and the vocal power house QB meets. If you’ve seen the drama, you’ll know that this track and the drama are practically inseparable!

2. Aithay Rakh Remember the beats, funny Punjabi lyrics and Abrar ul Haq’s smile?


UPSET? You can’t be anymore! Just play it and it will change your mood drastically. *Maybe a good decision would be jumping on to ‘Aithay Rakh’ after listening to ‘Mann Mayaal’.

3. Tajdar-e-Haram – This song, that too in Atif Aslam’s voice! <3


It will take you away from this world. It’s simply beautiful and you know it already.

4. Udaari – A skillfully constructed original sound track!


It’s not surprising that it is the fourth most played song on Taazi because the names of two amazing voices attached to the song. Farhan Saeed and Hadiqa Kiani has done an amazing job together!

5. Dillagi OST – A masterpiece of The King of Kings of Qawwal NFAK is sung by his very talented nephew.


Words always seem less while talking about Rahat Fateh Ali Khan! This soundtrack will take you to a nostalgic journey you never want to come back from!

6. Humsafar OST – If you live in Pakistan and listen to music, there’s no way you’ve missed out this track by QB, the OST of the widely watched drama serial ‘Humsafar’.


Released in 2011 & topping the charts again this year, just because of its reminiscing lyrics and great composition.

7. Afreen Afreen – “aisa dekha nahi khoobsurat koi”; enough said?


The eye catcher Momina Mustehsan’s melodious voice & Rahat Fateh Ali Khan breath taking vocals, reinventing the song of Ustaad! We can’t deny how they both simply nailed it.

Just so you know, its music video was on first number in Pakistan’s most watched video on YouTube, this year!

8. Anta Habibi – Seems like he has won hearts of so many people!


If you have been visiting Taazi quite often, there’s no way you haven’t noticed Sibte Hasan’s track hitting the Top Charts on the home page every month, since its release.

Also his video of ‘Kuch Na Raha’ was in seven most watched videos on Taazi.

9. Saajna – No doubt this young star ‘Asim Azhar’ has a captivating voice!


You really need to check the likes and comments on Saajna, on Taazi. His journey from his debut song to coke studio’s performance has been a tremendous success. And now he is all set to release his new song ‘Khuwahish’ on New Year, which is quite hard to wait for!

10. MaulaBy an emerging star!


A soul reviving, spirit raising sufi song, which will leave you having those darvesh feelings. Talha Nadeem‘s song  touches your heart which is truly worthy to be enjoy.






Hope that Taazi has entertained you well this year and will continue to do so, in the coming years, so you can proudly mention our name when it comes to choosing your favorite music App.
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