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Ten things you may not know about Noori!

Ten things you may not know about Noori!

By Shershah Ahmed: 

1. Their love for their fans is infinite!


Some bands and musicians gain notoriety with regards to how they treat their fans, which is not very nicely, the whole arrogant rock star attitude to summarize. Not Noori though, who connect with their fans on a very personal level. Having attended their album launch in Islamabad, team Taazi witnessed firsthand how they took their time with each fan who was there, and posed patiently for endless selfies and pictures. Commendable indeed!

2. Leading the charge in self-produced music.


The fact that Noori is still out there, producing and touring in support of their new music is commendable on its own. However what is even more commendable is the fact that their latest album was exclusively recorded, produced and packaged by the band itself. To the point where they printed out CD stickers on their own time!

3. A drummer to reckon with.


We find that many drummers here in Pakistan have a fear of expressing themselves. Whether it is musically, or on stage, they play with minimal flair or have their poker face on as if someone will judge them for making a funny face or two. Not Kami Paul, he is certainly an entertaining fellow to watch, not to mention a complete beast on the drums, not to mention his passion for the instrument radiates out of him.

4. Musicians AND producers.


Anyone who is familiar with Coke Studio know that Noori has been part of the show for many years. Especially this season where they performed some of the most critically acclaimed episodes. What many people may not know is that in addition to performing, Noori were producers on many songs, so their hard work and diligence led to many songs being up to the Coke Studio caliber.

5. Relationships that go past professional.


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Professional relationships are required in the music world, as you are exposed to and have to work with so many different people. Egos and hot headedness may lead to friction between superstars, but Noori and their charisma makes it a no-brainer that they’re beloved by all in the industry.

6. Rock stars can suit up too!


Messy hair, a t shirt and jeans are the dress code for rock. However Noori clean up very nicely when it counts, and it also gives the impression that rock musicians are not COMPLETELY unkept as some people may believe!

7. Ali Noor is one of the most approachable super stars.


This picture may depict Ali Noor in a frenzy of rage. This is not true, it is just him caught in the moment, when the reality is that he is one of the friendliest and approachable musicians you will ever meet.

8. All work and no gym will make Ali Noor unhealthy.


Finding time amongst the production, composition and touring duties which come with musician territory to actually work on one’s health and body is a task unto itself. However Ali Noor certainly realizes that keeping in shape is extremely important, and definitely prioritizes his health in life.

9. Snakes….that is all.


The fact that Ali Noor is so casual about wrapping a python around him is incredible, and that pretty much sums up the fact that the man is a rock star through and through.

10. Family.


When you’re touring and recording with a band full time, one may think the members of Noori may not have time for anything else. What else could be more important than the band? One word: family. It is heartwarming to see the more familial aspects of the band members, and it lends weight to the notion that they are just like us, no matter how many people they perform in front of night after night.