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The contribution of women in the field of music is exceptional!

The contribution of women in the field of music is exceptional!

By Eman Zameer Rahman:

Music has such a dramatic effect on us. The words, the tunes, take us away with it. The universal language- Music has an immense power and influence on us, talking about the incident of 1965 when Pakistan and India was at war and Noor Jehan came in, and took the spirits of our soldiers as high as the sky, by her motivational lyrics and mesmerizing voice.

Noor Jehan

Listen to Noor Jehan

Malika-e-Tarannum- the greatest and most influential singers of all time. Her career spanned seven decades in the industry. Recorded about 10,000 songs. Noor Jehan was awarded the Pakistan President’s Award in 1965, especially for singing patriotic songs passionately during India-Pakistan war.

Abida Parveen

The Queen of Sufi music!

Listen to  Abida Parveen!

She has come a long way in her musical journey winning Gold crown on her glorious 40 years.  Awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz, and Hilal-e-Imtiaz by Presidents of Pakistan, in different eras. Her strong voice and personality cannot be impersonated. The simple and beautiful soul representing Pakistan with the mystical Sufi Qalaam.

Farida Khanum

The honored name in Pakistan’s Classical singer. ‘Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Naa Karo’ rings bell?

Listen to Aaj Jane Ki Zidd

This beautiful melody made Farida Khanum- ‘Malika-e-Ghazal’. Khanum was a part of Radio Pakistan and television. Her stardom rose when president Ayub Khan invited her for a show. Awarded Hilal-i-Imtiaz and Pride of Performance Award. She has a line-up of beautiful Ghazal-haa.

Meesha Shafi

The brilliant and stylish lady of our industry.

She comes up with these amazingly unique get ups, that none can think of, she is an actor, musician and model.  She set everything on fire where ever and whenever she flicks, for instance take coke studio’s ‘Aaya Lariya’ and her role in ‘Waar’.

Listen to Meesha Shafi

She portrays the wild side of a women, her courage to take different courses and enriching roles is remarkable!

Hadiqa Kiani

Pakistan’s Most Powerful and Influential Women!

The stunning beauty is also awarded by the ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz’ for her philanthropic acts and music contribution. The first UN Pakistani women ambassador. Pakistan Idol’s judge- The phenomenal singer and humanitarian, she is working with various charitable organization, and the adoption from Edhi, proved her to be a gold hearted and fearless woman.

Hear out Hadiqa Kiani! 

Yeh Hum Naheen” The voice that reached the World, with the message that Pakistan is fighting against terrorism itself, and disclaim any such stereotyping associated.

A woman’s strength and courage is un-matchable, her spirits are never to cease.