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The King of Melody is back to Rule

The King of Melody is back to Rule

By Sehar: Nusrat Hussain’s album ‘Kaho’ is out in the markets. People, pinch yourself because this isn’t a dream! This is real, and perhaps the biggest thing happened to Pakistan in 2015. Who knew that after 14 years Nusrat Hussain will give a comeback and launch his album? We all have been waiting for this to happen and finally the utmost desires of fans have been fulfilled.

IMG_6246 bw cKarachi markets are first to be hit by the melodious symphonies of Nusrat Hussain. After giving ‘Dil, Dil, Pakistan’, one of the most popular national songs ever, Nusrat Hussain left Vital Signs. He also helped Junoon in its early years, but he left them too. He came up with his album in 1993 ‘Amrit’ which took the markets by storm. He gave some really mellifluous and evergreen songs that can never be out of the playlist. But right after this Nusrat Hussain disappeared into thin air and did not do any music for 14 years.

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But now he is back with a bang to take his fans by awe, and to again make his mark in the music industry. The fans have warmly welcomed this airline pilot cum musician and they desperately want him to stay and bring revolution in the Pakistan’s music industry. The reason Nusrat Hussain has given for such a long delay, is the involvement in his career as an airline pilot. Now the fans want him to compensate for all the years he has been away from the music scene.

The album ‘Kaho’ produced by Sarmad Ghafoor is predominantly rock with an eastern feel to it. He has maintained his euphonious and toe tapping style of music and lyrics. The music is though rock, but very soothing and the lyrics add that romantic touch, which has always been Nusrat Hussain’s style. ‘Kaho’ and ‘Tum Bin’ are his flagship romantic numbers. Both are lyrical tracks with honeyed music. ‘Manzil’ and ‘Shor’ are the two completely different genre from what Nusrat Hussain has always played. They are purely hard rock songs with stern lyrics. According to Nusrat Hussain he has tried to portray the adversities and atrocities that have become a common practice of our society. ‘Maza dard ka’, the title of the song seems to be a very sad one, but when you hear it you feel so fresh and light. ‘Intizar’ is also a rock and grave song. It is a sad track with beautiful composition. The guitar is very well played.

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nusrat hussainI am totally spell bound by the album ‘kaho’ and its playing on repeat since I heard it. I am sure this album like his last album ‘Amrit’, would be a huge success because fans just want to listen to Nusrat Hussain. So ‘All hail The King’.