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The most epic Mannequin Challenge featuring hundreds at Farhan Saeed’s Concert!

The most epic Mannequin Challenge featuring hundreds at Farhan Saeed’s Concert!

By Eman Zameer Rahman: Farhan Saeed is in a musical flow to the heights, performing live in the vibrant city of Lahore. Our sensational rock star was performing live this week, when something incredible happened at this concert, which made the hall go dead quiet and everyone just froze on their spots. Guess What?

The Mannequin Challenge!

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It was mesmerizing to watch Farhan being a part of the mannequin challenge while rocking on the stage. He posted a video of his mannequin challenge on social media (Instagram) and praised his audience at Roots International School, Lahore by captioning it with: “So this happened at Roots! Haha what a great crowd.” All that excitement! Whoa!”

This is possibly the biggest Mannequin challenge of Pakistan, with a huge number of challengers taking part in it, until now. Farhan Saeed endeavored to take this challenge up with his fans in this striking event.

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Mannequin Challenge craze has gone epidemic. The World is going mannequin addict, the challenge is worldwide and the world did took it really serious by accepting it. It’s not just fun to watch its fanatic to take part in, and who will want to miss anything like this amusing, no? No!

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Wondering, how in the World this Mannequin craze started?

Mannequin- transformation idea (from doll to human or human to doll) appearance on screen for the first time was in a fantasy movie Mannequin, in which a human life size doll becomes alive. Now, the opposite is happening in this challenge, humans are portraying dolls by being still and lifeless. Already thinking of being part of the challenge, right? So am I! No wonder why Farhan Saeed took the challenge.

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Farhan Saeed seems to be on a zestful mode! He is sensationally on hype not just for his Music and acting skills but news on his glamorous private life. This man is on a lucky strike one after the other, from being on his knees for his beautiful lady to this mannequin challenge. Farhan is undoubtedly rolling as a fireball!