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The Music Guru “Sajjad Ali” is Back with his New Single “Na Tum Samjhe”

The Music Guru “Sajjad Ali” is Back with his New Single “Na Tum Samjhe”

By Sarah Ilyas Ehtasham-Sajjad Ali released his latest sound track exclusively on www.taazi.com , the video of the song will be released soon, which is directed by Sajjad Ali himself.

“Cinderalla” and “Lari Adda” famed singer, Ali, while talking to a newspaper explained for his fans that, unlike “Cinderalla” where hero came to the rescue of heroin in typical Lollywood style, after beating few guys on the street, the video of “Na Tum Samjhe” is soft and romantic. The track is utterly romantic and speaks about the misconceptions and misunderstandings of a couple who is in love.

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The legendary rock-pop and semi-classical singer, actor, director, producer and lyricist, Ali, raised to fame after his songs “Babia” “Sohne lagdi” and “Chief Saab” in 93’. Through his street smart lyrics and melodious vocals Ali managed to touch the hearts of the general audience. “Paniyon mein”, “Cindrella” and “Sohni lagdi” helped him gain appreciation form his audience and compete with the young musicians of the present time like Atif, Ali Zafar and Strings. As being a music composer, Ali has some famous Lollywood movies on his credit too, “Na Maloom Afraad “, “Bol”, “Mujhe Chand Chahye” and “Aik Aur Love Story” are few of them.

The ability to control his vocals and voice tempo declared Ali one of the most anticipated semi classical singer all over the world. His previous track “Har Zulm” became one of the instant hit online and earned great appreciation from the listeners across the globe. However, Ali was quite disappointed that besides all the praise and appreciation, his fans didn’t spend much on purchasing his music throughout his musical career. This is the main reason Ali’s latest track “Na Tum Samjhe” can be downloaded and listened to at the fixed price of 99 cents. This way Ali will check how much his fans value his work. While talking to a local newspaper, Ali also revealed that “Har Zulm” gained so much popularity across the world and millions of followers messaged him and appreciated this song via social media but only 500 people actually paid to download the track, which is sad indeed.

So the classical guru has a point and he put his fans on a test, Let’s see how many of his music followers actually download the song and listen. The track is available on our site www.taazi.com , you can download and listen.