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The Nation is in awe of Prime Minister Imran Khan

The Nation is in awe of Prime Minister Imran Khan

Riots erupted across the country after the announcement of Supreme Court’s verdict on the Asia Bibi case exonerating her of all charges. The decision has been lauded worldwide but few expected our government to join in. In his address to the nation, Prime Minister Imran Khan not only praised the judges for their brave decision but condemned all those using violence and aggression on the streets of Pakistan in protest. He added that the government would take stern action against anyone who uses or incites violence and challenges the writ of the state.

And the country could not be prouder of their leader.

There were even comparisons to Jinnah and his vision of Pakistan.

A small man in a big office? That only happens across the border these days.

Others joined in the accolades stating that Imran Khan showed that he is a leader not a mere politician.

People were also quick to praise him for his bravery in standing up for justice.

Some even thought that there was no reason left for anyone to NOT support him anymore.

Didn’t someone say Tabdeeli aa gai hai?

And this simply had to be said.