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The Rising Has Risen Again!

The Rising Has Risen Again!

By Isbah Khalid: It took seven years (lucky seven!) for the creators of “Main Aaj Uroon” to make a comeback but it was worth the wait. The Rising is back with an absolutely thrilling album “Haray Nahin”. Maybe it is their message to all those who thought the band was out and over. All this time they were creating new music and now they have finally released a fully loaded weapon that was resting in their arsenal.

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This ambient rock band has lived up to all the expectations and from the start till the end you are just hooked to your earphones because every song has a lovely tale to tell, a story to narrate and an experience to share. With Faizan Zaidi’s powerful vocals to that brilliant bass playing by Sohail Qureshi and those killer keyboard movements by Arafat Mazhar plus some brilliant guitar beats being unleashed by Junaid Syed- this is a dream team! Sublime lyrics and composition accentuated by those magical music beats; this album is a winner already!







While it seems like it is a self-actualization journey when you listen to tracks like “Jhoot” “Haray Nahin” others like “Diye” and “Duur Ho Jao” have a beautiful message and story. “Fizaon Mein” is another brilliant track that shows exactly what sets The Rising apart. “Pukartay Ho” is that sublime number that breathes some life into an entire album; it has a brilliant composition and the music is just spot on. Where “Darya” is a song that shows some longing and questions the shackles one is in, “Aag” shows a totally different perspective. Some tracks question and make us ponder, others just rattle our soul and shake us awake and that is a brilliant feat for any musician to accomplish. The winner track would definitely be the rendition of Mirza Ghalib’s famous ghazal “Wisaal e Yaar”. How they have managed to put this beautiful piece of poetry into an ambient rock song is beyond me! It has a rapturous and elevated touch to it that echoes in every beat and as the song reaches the end you are already hitting the replay button.haray nahin fb

There’s some visual imagery in almost all the tracks especially in “Darya” because it takes you to that place and makes you imagine things that you never thought existed. That unobtrusive element is alive throughout the album; the songs maintain the timid and meek nature as they start off and then blast into those metallic vibes which is just brilliant. The majestic work speaks for itself and the demeanor is self-effacing as the artists let their work do the talking. There are too many flavors for one to savor in just a single go and I would suggest everyone to listen to the songs one at a time and enjoy the auras they create. The context and spirit of the album is beautiful and leaves one in a beautiful place where only the music can speak and understand.

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