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The Sound of Freedom

The Sound of Freedom

By Khaya Ahmed: During the past few days, we’ve heard the roaring engines of jet planes dominating the sky as we try to spot them through the haze, we’ve endured numerous traffic jams, closed roads and we might have even complained about that fact every now and again but at the end of the day, come the 23rd of March, we’re going to be clamoring on our rooftops to watch a parade that commemorates a special day in the history of our beloved country.taazi blog

Freedom, a concept so simple yet so hard to achieve yet through the power of poetry and music, our people were moved to make a change; to create a country for themselves and break the chains that had bound them. The power of music, of words that flow from the heart are not to be taken for granted because they inspire, they create, and they have been with us since the beginning whether in the form of Sir Allama Iqbal’s poetry or progressive anthems about religion and freedom side by side in the form of Sohni Dharti by the great Shahnaz Begum.

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Songs like Dil Dil Pakistan by Vital Signs, Dil Se by Haroon and Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai by Mehdi Hassan continue to stick with us and we sing them proudly because they remind of the sacrifices that were made to achieve the impossible, they honor our past and give us hope for our future. Even now, in times of turmoil, singers and songwriters continue to band together to awaken our sense of pride, Uth Jawaana by Soch being a prime example of an anthem designed for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, and for our youth, to inspire them to rise up for our nation!

So, this Pakistan Day, think of what you can do for your country, whether it’s picking up a piece of trash and putting it in the garbage or making your voice heard; do not take your freedom for granted, defend it and honor it as well as the great country you live in for your voice and your heart.