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The top Instagram singing sensations you need to follow right now!

The top Instagram singing sensations you need to follow right now!

By Eman Zameer Rahman: 

Instagram is a place of celebrities to flaunt their beauty, grace and crazy work routines. Our starlets of singing World have a happening life, and they gladly share the glimpse of their adventurous life with us. Here are a few top of the list Instagram-mers, you must follow to have a super entertaining home feed and live story streams on Instagram

1. Abdullah Qureshi

His insta shares will leave you drooling over him, yet again. Follow Abdullah Qureshi on Insta to roam around with him on trips- Going on music concerts, adventures, food spots, weddings, and lots of little meet ups with his many, many friends.

Listen to Abdullah Qureshi

2. Ali Zafar

The super star is a symbol of art to the utmost perfection- His art and love of his life, is displayed all over Insta. What you might not know is that, he is an exceptional writer. Writing his own beautiful pieces, and displays inspirational quotes, esp of the great Rumi.

3. Annie Khalid

The gorgeous curly hair and a beautiful mind, is a killer combination. Her Insta is about her curls, her life and shoes. Especially shoes!

4. Momina Mustehsan

Her live stories, her cute pics and her innocence is all over insta. Nightingale of Pakistan! The most wanted girl in Pakistan, after she crashed the screen with the dreamy look singing ‘Afreen Afreen’.

5. Umair Jaswal

The handsome hunk Umair Jaswal will leave you gasping on every post. The ultimate rock star has a mania for bikes and dogs. You will have loads of cuteness in the shape of his little loves. Food, concerts, and lots of concerts.

6. Uzair Jaswal

The iconic, chick magnet and super talented Uzair Jaswal. The thing you don’t know about him is that he loves to crash weddings (for the love of food), adores his nieces and nephew, and loves flying high in the clouds. It’s not just about the beauties that surrounds him, trust me!

7. Haroon 

Cruise over the World with Haroon- New York, Melbourne, Los Angeles, California, Washington, Karachi, Islamabad, London, Spain, Istanbul, Munich, and many more exciting places. Whoa! No wonder why it’s ‘HaroonWorld”!  His insta shows his humble and adventurous personality. You will see lots of awards sparkling on his insta for his successful venture of Burka Avenger- ‘The Most Influential Fictional Character.’

8. Quratulain Balouch

The coolest rock star of the singing town- QB! The beauty with voice that astonish and moves everyone listening. A black lover- her black dresses and red lipstick trademark suits her personality perfectly.  Brace yourself!  Music, nature, shoes and smiles are coming your ways.

9. Hadiqa Kiani

Style on point! The fashion icon and every time picture perfect. Along with that charismatic voice, she is a passionate businessman.

10. Farhan Saeed

His account is about two things- Music and Urwa. It is just adorable!

11. Urwa Hocane

The happy sweet soul is rolling. This udaari star has such a vibrant aura and splash of colors that no doubt her life is moving so positively.

12. Amanat Ali

The humblest heart out there is gracing insta with lots of happening things going around. Plus point: He will even warn you of dangers going on around. See it for yourself.

Last but not the least

13. Osman Khalid Butt (Special Inclusion)

This one you must follow and OH! Don’t get yourself wrong with this one. In real life he is not the sober calm person, as his roles in dramas. This guy, over here is super crazyyy! You will see him doing all the insane stuff with everyone around. You know what it’s just his expression, he doesn’t have to do anything at all.

P.S: Osman is not a singer, but is an exception here, as he is not someone to be missed on insta.

All these awe-inspiring celebrities on your feed. Yeah! Thanks us later.

Stay Tuned for more interesting updates and music.