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These are the phases you go through when your heart breaks!

These are the phases you go through when your heart breaks!

By Eman Zameer Rahman:

The loving moment turns to rage and grudges, the smiles to frowns, the endless conversation to silence, and there comes a dreaded end, your heart goes through all this, and a lot more.

A relation is alive, only when people have the will to carry on. Every relationship needs dedication. It is rooted with love, grown with understanding and watered by care, compromises and sacrifices. If one of you suddenly thinks that the responsibility is too much to take, and instead of settling it, decides to quit, the other is left wounded. That wound is never healed, if it’s true love.

Your heart breaks not at once, but in a series of phases.

So, let’s look at the sequence in which it happens, with some heartbreaking melodies:

It all starts bit by bit. When you feel the lack of care and compassion, from your one and only, trust those vibes. When you are bearing all the chaos, and unreasonable fits your beloved is throwing at you. This songs is the most likely you will think of:

  • Yaar ko Hamne ja Baja Dekha

You know it’s a hard relationship, but there is no escape, as the love is stronger.


  • Har Zulm Tera Yaad Hai

When you can’t control it anymore, you tried your best but, now you are suffocating.


  • Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan

When you decide to be quiet, because no one will understand, and you decide to endure the pain, all by yourself.

  • Tu Mera Nahin

Finally, when the reality starts to sink in..


This is the time when your heart cracks up open, as you know it’s time to leave..

  • Woh Humsafar Tha Magar Humnawayi Na Thi

When ‘Wo Humsafar Hai’ changes to ‘Wo Hamsafar Tha”

‘Kai, Dhoop Chao Ka Alaam Raha, Judaayi Na Thi’


Still you won’t be able to hold yourself together, because you won’t stop thinking about them ever, and your heart just won’t stop hurting, out of all the love you have lost.


  • Jo Chaley Tou Jaan Se Guzar Gaye

When you realize they are gone, and gone searching finding their greater good.

  • Kithay Nain Na Jori  

And, you are left praying and fighting with yourself, cause there is nothing else you can do.

‘Menu Jhaliya Bana Kai, Aape Lag Gaye Kinaaray’, “Waga Watna nu mor aye”

  • Bewajah

And you keep reminding yourself this, every time your heart shrieks.


Those have their heart broken can understand this. ‘Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard.’