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These gave us the best cry of our lives!

These gave us the best cry of our lives!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid: Sad already? Well, maybe we have been planning to make you cry too!

So as we know, there’s music to make you feel energized, to make you angry, to boost up your confidence and then there’s music that gets you weeping! Our talented musicians seem to be experts in finding out what captivates our emotional Pakistani awaam’s attention more. And guess what; the answer has always been sad lyrics!


Every artist knows that the moods change drastically upon hearing any type of music, especially when they come up with a story that seems to be too familiar with our current situation. Focusing on this fact, we have listed five songs that can turn out to be a tearjerker for you!
*Keep tissue box handy*

1. December By Abrar Ul Haq

The fact that its winters and December is coming up, so yeah, it deserves to be first on our list. Imagine it’s a bitterly cold rainy winter night when you’re alone in your home and the boy next door plays December?

OMG, someone needs to console me!!


Abrar, who is famous for his bhangra music has one of the most depressing melodies to make the December extraordinary saddening! For people who have lost someone in their life can totally relate to the song.

So if you recently had a break up you can’t get over, I would suggest you to skip this song and listen to Aithay Rakh instead.


2.  Awari By Soch The Band

If this won’t make you cry, nothing will. This is the most well-known song by ‘Soch the band’ as it has been on everybody’s lips since its release.


‘Awari’ was originally themed on how girls feel about the entire thing when they’re forced and tortured to do something against their will. It compels you to feel the unpleasant moments of those who instead of publicizing their pain, hides it instead.

3Sanu Ik Pal By Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

It’s a known fact that King of Qawaal touches our hearts like no one else. Your emotions are triggered with the powerful lyrics of this heart breaking song and your mind gets diverted towards someone you miss incredibly.


It  resurfaces difficult emotions. Many singers have been covering this deep Punjabi poetry but off course nothing can be compared to Nusrat fateh ali khan’s soulful voice.

4. Ansoo Ali azmat

This song needs no introduction as it’s a soundtrack of immensely popular drama, ‘Ansoo’. It goes with the drama’s story line as well as making it easy for the listeners to create meaning based on their own life. Its lyrics mainly focuses on the moments that you always wanted to experience but couldn’t.


If you feel like sobbing over the first shoulder you find after hearing this, immediately switch listening to ‘Pappu Yaar.

thumbnail_pappuyar_blogfull5. Har Zulm By Sajjad Ali

This ghazal isn’t actually heart breaking but mainly goes for focusing on the saddening reality checks. ‘Har Zulm’ makes you feel nostalgic, sad and strong, all at the same time.. No doubt Sajjad Ali has done great justice to it.


Our best solution for this depressing moment is for you to give ear to ‘Kirkir KirKir’.


So this winter, you have all the reasons to curl up in blanket, play these songs and make your pillows wet. Keep visiting Taazi to change your moods by choosing our not-so-sad curated playlist!


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