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These Pakistani songs will make you rethink your priorities!

These Pakistani songs will make you rethink your priorities!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid: We all know that music is a part of our culture yet we take it for granted.

Everyone needs to accept the power music holds, no matter if it made you feel happy or made you go crazy with sad lyrics when you were already depressed. Its impact is much more when it turns out to be an eye opener for the listeners. Not only Pakistan, but many countries are facing problems that need to be witnessed and our musicians are real experts when it comes to sync the powerful lyrics with the real ongoing global situations.

Here are few inspirational tracks that shake us up and make our weakened society realize that it’s time to WAKE UP!

1. AKELA By Sarkash

This will gives you goosebumps. See for yourself.

People stop you from speaking up the truth and we start to pretend it’s for the good? How insanely good Sarkash’s latest music video is, which shows us our reality and that how heartless we’ve become.

Listen to Akela

So has this world lost its glory?

“Unhain Kaise Koi Azaad Karay
Jinhain Aapni Ghulaami Ka Ilm Nahi.”

Says it all!

2. DHOLA by Soch

First let us focus on the fact that the third gender in our society has always been considered worthless and now this beautiful model Rimal Ali has been featured in soch’s brand new music video breaking all the existing stereotypes!

Soch always comes up with something different everytime and their inspirational songs always top the charts.

 The message they’ve been trying to convey is that a transgender hides their true identity in order to live in this mean world. Of course we have left no choices for them than to sell their bodies and forgetting how terrible they feel at the end of the day, no matter how much money they make from it.

Watch The Video

We can see Adnan Dhool & Rabi Ahmed singing and moving to the beats which is the perfect example of managing conflicts with humor!

3. BHORA MARHOON by The Sketches

These beautiful Sindhi words in powerful vocals remind us that every life is important.

It has been sung for those unheard people of Tharparkar, who are facing cliff hanging situations every day due to the destruction of their farms, pastures, ponds, trees and landscapes.

It tends to wake us up before the fragrance of these innocent people remains no more in their soil.

4. MITTI by Junoon

“From dust we were created and to dust we return!”

This beautiful song by Salman Ahmed gives out a message that all the dreams you have been seeing, the songs you’ve sung and the secrets we’ve kept, everything eventually will come to an end.

Listen to Junoon

And surely this world seems to have  forgotten this fact long ago.


Entity Paradigm brought us Fitrat meaning ‘Human Nature’, with heavy metal progression which is a pure masterpiece. It shows how a human has been continuously into wrong doings since the birth of Adam and it can also be perceived as an apprehension of afterlife.

 “Kaghaz kai tukray tou dikha,
 Jinhein jor kai tu bana Khuda.”

The song makes you ponder over the dark side of our society and how one knowingly does evil.
No wonder why this generation lacks inner peace!

6. OONCHA by Noori

Last but not the least, Ooncha by Noori ft. Ali Azmat is a very grasping track with discerning lyrics where we take flight to realization of our conscience.

It addresses the rat race and pointless pursuit of “happiness” we humans have indulged ourselves into while also succumbing to our egos.

Listen to Noori

The track is fused with energy and hits us right in the feels with the voices of vocal gods!

So which one’s your favorite?