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These singers need to be in Coke Studio!

These singers need to be in Coke Studio!

By Eman Zameer Rahman: The music mania, and the aura of powerful energy, is so strong that affect us like poison.

Coke Studio has got us swooning with the music that echoed, it’s been producing masterpieces, all over the series and seasons. Coke studio has given us one hit after another, which literally hits like tornado- huge, wild and never ending.

Though Coke studio has given us new gems, revived the old ones, sprinkled the infamous current ones, but it has missed some. Those are the one we are hoping to see on Coke Studio, and let them sweep us off our feet, swing our heads and sing our soul out with.

Abdullah Qureshi

Listen to Abdullah Qureshi

The young boy who fell from the sky with that charm and magical tunes that strung us all. From Aitebar to Dastaan this guy is rocking and rolling.

Haroon Rashid

Listen to Awaz Band

How can they miss ‘Awaz’ like Haroon, who kept us stunned in the 90’s.

Shehzad Roy

He started with these beautiful pieces; Mukhra, Teri Soorat, and Har Gayee.

Listen to Shehzad Roy

Now, his music is about waking us up to humanity, and patriotism. The strength in his voice, and the sarcastic lyrics, has an everlasting effect.

Aima Baig

Listen to Aima Baig

Aima has started from the show Mazakarat, and she just took over. We would definitely want to see more of her.

Rahim Shah

The versatile singer who has given us songs like Jhoola, Channa Ve Channa, Maama Dey, Pehle To Kabhi Kabhi Gham.

Listen to Rahim Shah

We need to let him stun Coke Studio with his uniqueness.

Which of these will you like to see the next time Coke Studio hits in the town?  Did we miss the one you want to be in the list, let us know!