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These songs will make you hug your mom!

These songs will make you hug your mom!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid: From being uncomfortable for nine months to growing us up, she has done a lot. And when I say a lot, it means EVERYTHING that she could do & still doing that no one else could for us. Someone who makes our house a home, we forget to thank the most amazing women because of whom we wouldn’t even be here.

Our mother! <3

Remember how you get irritate by a baby who cries for like 15 minutes straight? Imagine that someone stood up every night for years and dealt with our crankiness. just so we can sleep peacefully.

Forget about thanking for the life we got from her, sometimes we don’t even pick our moms call’s, just because we’re too busy dealing with the worldly matters and have many other important errands to run.

She hears our excuses every year but still loves us more, each day. We know a mother’s love is endless.

Listen to these songs that will make you realize your mom’s worth.

1. Maa By Abrar Ul Haq

2. Jhoola By Rahim Shah

3. O Maa By Asrar

4. Maa By Rizwan Anwar

 5. Maa By Uzair Jaswal

 6. Maa By Sana Zulfiqar

7. Jannat By Tazzz

8. Pyaari Maan By Khalil Ahmed