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This Ramazan: Top 5 Artists You Should Listen To!

This Ramazan: Top 5 Artists You Should Listen To!

By Hina Anjum: Ramadan is a month when every Muslim desires to draw nearer and closer to Almighty Allah. Many of you set high aims for this month but, at times, end up achieving only a little. You are often found saying “this time I won’t fail”, but many times you are found falling victim to the schemes of the devil.

Let’s face it, in a world full of constant distractions, winning the battle against distractions is getting more challenging than ever before. But don’t allow the feelings of frustration to overtake you.

Let’s use our time wisely and make the most of this blessed month as Taazi partners with EMI to bring you a complete spiritual experience. This Ramadan, we shall help you to connect and develop a better relationship with Allah Almighty.

Every week, Taazi shall update you with the Top 5 EMI Artists you should listen to. Let’s allow Ramadan to be a soothing balm for our souls. It’s time to listen to Top 5 EMI Artists to draw yourself towards Allah. Listening to them will definitely invoke and inspire you with the love for Allah.

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  1. The Sabri Brothers

Be it the holy month of Ramadan or not, the Sabri Brothers always remain active in capturing the beautiful traditions of Sufism throughout the year.

The world renowned Sabri brothers had their musical training carefully transferred to them through a familial lineage. In their lyrics, one shall find historical anecdotes and some of the greatest Sufi poetry written in Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic and Persian.

Get enchanted by the Sabri Brothers’ powerful and full-throated Qawalis

  1. Zia Mohyeddin

Zia Mohyeddin, now a legend in his lifetime, is a man of many parts. His long career spans acting, directing, writing, broadcasting and a wide range of aesthetic disciplines. He promotes his Urdu poetry and prose recitations to international acclaim. To this date, despite his growing age, Zia is still active among Pakistani media as a speaker and hosts several TV programmes both for National and Private Channels. He is also involved in narrating some abstract short films and commercials.

Listen to the thought provoking Prose Recitations by the respected Zia Mohyeddin

  1. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, a famous and talented Qawwali singer, hailing from a family well-versed in classical music as well as in qawwali, he became the torch-bearer of his family name. Although he placed the tradition in high regard, he wasn’t one afraid of experiments. Around 1985-1990, he had realized that in order to attract the younger generation to Qawwali and Sufi music, the traditional musicians had to adapt.

Get mesmerized by the endless, almost hypnotizing beats 


Umme Habiba is the Pakistan’s first female Naat Khwan. She has been acknowledged throughout the Islamic world for her melodic and spell-binding recitations that poetically praise Allah and his beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). Her dedication towards Islam and thrilling voice have engaged and inspired audiences all over the world.

Hear the beautiful Naats in the soulful voice of Umm-E-Habiba

  1. Qari Muhammad Sharf-ud-din Yamani

The more you listen/recite Quran, the more chances you have to gain His forgiveness. Make the most of it by listening/reciting to Quran more today!

Are you trying to finish Quran in the month of Ramadan? Why not try to understand it with translation. Listen to the recitation by Qari Muhammad Sharfuddin Yamani and translation by Maulana Muhammad Saleemuddin Shamsi.

On normal days, you tend to get easily distracted by the worldly desires, while in Ramadan you force yourself to think twice before you act. The rise of piracy in Pakistan has, undoubtedly, poisoned the roots of the music industry. Only time can tell whether Taazi, in collaboration with EMI, will be able to combat music piracy in the country or not. Meanwhile, we shall do the right thing and say no to piracy!

Let’s pray that Allah accepts our good deeds, and give us the strength to perform better. And yes, set a goal to stay committed to your ultimate purpose even after Ramadan and do not become a “Ramadan Muslim” only!

To find out who are the top 5 EMI artists for next week, don’t forget to visit Taazi.com. That’s all for today. Till next time, take care. Allah Hafiz.

And Happy Friday Everyone! ‪

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