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This video of Junaid Jamshed singing is a must-watch!

This video of Junaid Jamshed singing is a must-watch!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid: One of the most distressing moments is when you have to say a final goodbye, to someone who has been your favorite all your life. We all have to accept the harsh reality of life that everyone has to meet their Creator one day and it’s never too easy to embrace that the person is no more with us.

We are surely well aware of this pain, as we have recently lost our national icon, Junaid Jamshed.

Listen to JJ Naat’s


I still remember updating my Facebook statuses with his song’s lyrics having relatable depths, listening to him realizing how great his voice is, and thinking why he gave up singing? Maybe he will make a comeback with his new album surprisingly or maybe he has done the right thing by choosing an entirely different path and kept on spreading the love for Prophet and Allah by his Naats and hamds in his melodious voice.

Besides all these thoughts, we all have those ever green songs of Vital Signs saved in our playlists that are enough for Junaid Jamshed fans to pay homage to his ecstatic voice.

Listen to JJ songs.


Damn, those were the days! His vocals and of course his looks!

The reaction of the whole nation that came in soon after the news of the ill fated flight was immense especially when it became known that the heartthrob of Pakistan was in it too. Almost everyone I know in my family, friends, social media and around were found filled with sorrow. His name is on everyone’s lips since then! All the people have been expressing their grief in their own ways.

And then I came through this legend’s video singing ‘dil dil Pakistan’, enjoying to the fullest.


The video is uploaded by Salman Ahmed from Junoon band, who was really a good friend of JJ. Watch this 5 years old video which will cheer you up or might emotionally wrench you.

The unofficial Pakistan’s National Anthem ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ is a gift that he has left for all of us. Surely he is going to be missed by millions. A singer who had all the qualities to be a teenager’s favorite, and then seeing him leaving so sudden shocked us to the core.

Coping with the loss of a close friend or a family member is one of the toughest things. We pray for the people who’ve died in the plane crash. May Allah rest their souls in peace.