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This Week On TAAZI – Catching Up!

This Week On TAAZI – Catching Up!

By Hina Anjum: We’re back with Our Picks of the Week on Taazi! Again, we are very happy to bring you the Top 5 EMI Pakistan Artists you should listen to!

1. Muzaffar Warsi
A humble man with humble beginnings who was never afraid of experimenting, started his poetry by writing lyrics for songs for Pakistani movies, but gradually changed direction and his style of poetry, and became more oriented towards Islamic philosophy. For his magnificent work, he received two titles known as Faseeh ul Hind and Sharaf u shu’ara. His most renowned and famous Kalams include ‘Koi to Hai Jo Nizam E Hasti Chala Raha Hai Wohi Khuda Hai’ and ‘Ae Khuda Ae Khuda’.

Known as Sufi Warsi, Muzaffar Warsi was a scholar of Islam, a doctor and poet. He began more than five decades ago. His work comprises not just Naats, but also Ghazals, Nazms & hycoes along with his autobiography “Gaye Dinon Ka Suraagh’ which is considered to be a classic.muzaffar warsi
2. Khursheed Ahmad
Khursheed Ahmad, the one whose voice’s melody and the unique way of reciting attracted numerous people towards him, started to recite Naats when he was only a few years old. By the time of his death, he managed to recite thousands of Naats. He recited Naats not only in Urdu, but also in other languages such as Punjabi, Saraiki, Pashto and Sindhi.

Among the top most Naat Khawans that Pakistan has ever produced, the name of Khursheed Ahmad reserves an undisputed position. His Naat “Yeh Sab Tumhara Karam Hai Aaqa”, earned him great respect. After reciting this naat, he was appreciated not only in Pakistan but also all over the World.4514_110

3. Mehdi Hassan
Mehdi Hassan, known as the Ghazal Maestro, was considered as one of the best singers of his generation not only by Pakistanis, but indeed by the music lovers all across the subcontinent. A proud and self-assured man brought forth the importance of poetry in Ghazals.

He mastered the ability to cast a golden spell over his listeners through his enchanting and magical voice. He simply knew how to mesmerize his audience and make them urge for more soulful melodies. For his splendid work, he was honored with numerous awards including Nishan-e-Imtiaz, Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, Pride of Performance and Hilal-e-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan.

His catalogue of songs recorded and released with EMI (Pakistan) Ltd. extends to over 500 songs. He remained a leading singer of film industry along with Ahmed Rushdi. One of his Ghazals he will be most remembered for is Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s, ‘Gullon Mein Rang Bhare.’mehdi-hassan
Allow yourself to get carried away by the soulful voice of Mehdi Hassan.
4. Ghulam Ali
Ghulam Ali is considered as one of the Best Ghazal Singers of his era. His style and variations in singing Ghazals has been noted as unique, and his in-depth knowledge of classical music reflects in his singing and enriches his music. He is acknowledged for blending gharana-gaayaki into Ghazal and this gives his singing the capability to touch hearts.

During his venture, he produced more than 200 songs with EMI (Pakistan) Ltd. His journey includes the timeless classic ghazals ‘Chupke Chupke Raat Din’, Hungama hai Kyun Barpa’, ‘Mere Shauq Da Nain Aitebar Tenu’ and many more. One of his ghazal ‘Hum ko kis ke gham ne mara’ written by Masroor Anwar was a top hit.Ghulam Ali
Listen to Ghulam Ali’s tracks that are here to enrich your life and make you feel wonderful!
5. Farida Khanum
A one of a kind, Farida Khanum is a Pakistani Classical Singer from the Punjab. The Times of India has called her “Malika-e-Ghazal” (Queen of Ghazal).

In 2005, she was awarded the Hilal-e-Imtiaz, Pakistan’s highest civilian honour by President Pervez Musharraf. Reigning the domain of ghazal singing since past four decades, all-rounder Farida is still going strong.
Farida Khanum released nearly 200 songs under the hood of EMI (Pakistan) Ltd. The ghazal she is most associated with is “Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Naa Karo”.fareeda khanum
Listen to Farida Khanum’s best collections in her deep and melodious voice.
Wishing you a splendiferous start to the weekend! To find out who are the top 5 EMI artists for next week, don’t forget to visit Taazi.com. That’s all for today. See you next week!
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