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To see what Pakistan holds for you, look into the hero box!

To see what Pakistan holds for you, look into the hero box!

Syeda Yousra Khalid: So as we know that Independence Day is just around the corner and it’s time to rejuvenate our patriotic spirit for Pakistan and that only happens when you listen to a great composition and zealous lyrics.

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There are so many songs sung by Pakistani musicians having catchy compositions that they deserve to be reinvented to bring again the perspective in play. Especially when it comes to ‘Mili Naghmay‘ we love to hear them on repeat as they move us by their touching and inspiring lyrics written years back and the soulful voices that are behind them.

Not to forget one of the most brilliant Nationalistic tracks ‘Dil Say Pakistan’ by Haroon, that takes you back to 1947 in a melodious way.

This beautiful video is a must watch for all the people looking for hope.

Haroon is the voice of our country who began his career with the famous “Ay Jawan”, the anthem of 90’s.

Even those of us with the most diverse taste in music would acknowledge the life he brings in his songs.

His solo career started in 2000 and we all love what he has to offer by his music ever since.

Exciting news for all his fans was when he launched a new video of his original song Dil Say Pakistan on 9th of august, to celebrate 70 years of Pakistan.

We want to promote a positive image of the country as we are facing problems with how we are perceived outside of Pakistan,” Haroon said.

The video features these three popular artists alongside Haroon:

1. Muniba Mazari:

Our national pride, a social activist, a Pakistani artist, writer, motivational speaker, who after covering Noor Jehan’s song ‘Sisilay Toor Gayah’, made us believe that she’s a phenomenal singer too.

Talking about the music video, Muniba Mazari says:

This is what Pakistan is all about. Our Transgender friends, Sikh Brothers and many people from different background were the part of this beautiful festivity. 70 years of Pakistan, it is going to be all about harmony peace love and unity. Nothing can break us all!

2. Javed Bashir: 

He is a master of classical music who undoubtedly has one of the most coveted voices in the music industry.

Listen to Javed Bashir

Such enthusiasm! We love it.

3. Farhan Bogra:

Farhan is known as Rubab virtuoso who plans to promote the cultural instrument Rubab.

Listen to Khumariyaan

It is fun to watch him  playing the lion of instruments with a big smile on his face.

The best thing about the music video is that it features Aakif Azeem ,a survivor of the Army Public School Peshawar in a lead role. In the video, he has a box and a view finder. You’ll see him encouraging everyone to look into the box to find inspiration.

The video pays tribute to Pakistani Heroes, role models and stunning vistas of Pakistan who sacrificed and elevated the name of our country in the world as we live through the moments of

Qurbanyan Kitni, De Kar Azadi Laaeey’.

Dil Say Pakistan’ is exclusively available on Pakistan’s legal music App Taazi: DOWNLOAD NOW!