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Top 10 English Artists on Taazi

Top 10 English Artists on Taazi

By Isbah Khalid:Kind Sirs and Gentle Ladies, we are here to present a list of the top ten singers in English songs category. If you might be so kind as to scroll down below and take a look, we have summarized what makes every artist tick, what’s his choice of weapon and what lethal potions they use to woo us all. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a one of a kind presentation where every artist had a chance to compete with swords dipped in English words and the end result is a spectacular gladiatorly fight that left us awestruck and conjured some marvelous performances- Presenting the Top Ten Singers (English) on Taazi!


This guy is unstoppable! Like a train that refuses to be tackled with brakes, he paves his own oath and then glides in style across the rails. Be it “Radha” or the chart topper “Tere Bina” or the ground breaking “Jhoom” or the absolutely gorgeous “Ayaan” which till date is probably his best piece of music. He is a multi-talented engine with every musical talent under his cap; be it rapping, production, mixing- he does it all! And here he is at the top of the chart on Taazi!

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 2.The Limitless

Probably the most famous band in the electro pop category; they have everything that just makes the songs extraordinary- the beats for instance, that perfectly controlled voice of Masud Latif- it won’t be wrong to call them geniuses for the kind of music they are creating is clearly next level! “Move On”, “You Make Me Feel” and “Hit The Party” are just a few numbers that can give you a taste of how exceptionally good these guys are. They can probably give a tough competition to the out lander. Bravo Guys!

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 3.Shaheryar Mirza

Pretty Little Nutshell” is the track that can introduce you to him, hi style and his specialty. He has made his mark as he explores new horizons and brings out the hidden art of music. Brilliant lyrics, rhythm and vocals- this guy is a lustrous part of our industry. He has a very simple, melodious voice that suits his musical compositions perfectly!

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Fairytale of Broken Hearts” is like the definition of DissBelief; unbelievably beautiful with soulful vocals and gripping lyrics, taking us on a journey few have imagined before. Probably one of the most talented band when It comes to creating powerful music and also some of the most rare talent accumulated in one band- DissBelief is exceptional!

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5.Adil Omar

Adil Omar has a huge fan following and his track “Exploding Heart” literally exploded some good ones. He is a rare talent who believes in pushing the boundaries and so far he has been doing a great job. His rap style is exemplary and the words are a bundle of joy arranged in a perfect array of colors that not only tell a story but take you on a journey so that you actually live it! This rapper is at No.5.

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6.Jehangir Aziz Hayat

The guy with a rapturous voice, known mostly for his beautiful renditions of some great songs, he has given life to the dying art of “covers” in this country and brought back the dying art. “What Makes Me Happy”, “Tainted Love” and “End To Break” are some of the songs that give a clear insight into this immensely talented soul.  Keep up the great work!

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 7.Osama Com Laude

I think this guy needs no introduction; he is a profound rapper with irradiant skills. A Superman for sure! He has sent hearts thundering and running faster than they should. His artillery is his distinguished style of presenting a topic that others might not touch, a bit eccentric; he raps about it, adds some fun into it and has a knack for wit and sarcasm which is quite apparent in his track “Barack Osama”. “Bhangra Bump” is another fantastic number where he has collaborated with his buddy Talal Qureshi and the end result? It’s quite exotic actually.

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8.Natasha Humera Ejaz

A star singer among our midst! A magical voice that loves soaring free and taking us along has given us some of the most beautiful and magnificently diverse music. “Time Candles”, “The God Song” are a perfect weaponary advancement she has launched on us all and are absolutely brilliant in terms of music and vocal abilities.

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9.John Leo

The brilliance of the Leo star definitely came down and touched this guy on the head because the magic is apparently right there. A beautiful voice powered by that ultra-fine song writing skill and those scintillating beats and we have a combination that is a rarity and a brilliant display of talent is to be expected every time you see this name flash across your screens. “Different Ways” and “Shine” are some of his most brilliant compositions that must not be missed! He takes the No.9 spot!

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Another rapper landing in the top ten but this time with a local Pukhtoon touch! Rap and that too Pukhtoon style? We must surely be in heaven! “Pukhtoon Core” shot them straight to the top and gave them the much deserved appreciation.  “I don’t Care” is probably their most loved track and has a very strong content. These guys are going places!

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