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Top 10 Most Streamed Songs on Taazi

Top 10 Most Streamed Songs on Taazi

There are great songs and then there are unforgettable songs that refuse to budge from your mind and keep playing continuously and subconsciously at the back of your head and are also a permanent part of your playlist. Such an amalgamation of songs has led us to jot down a list of Top Ten most streamed songs on Taazi. Scroll down to catch all these fantastic numbers and see if you have missed out on any.

top 10 Pakistani songs

  1. Urain Ge by Ali Zafar

Congratulations are in order for Ali Zafar for his song Urainge stole the No.1 spot a month ago and is still at it! Not only that, he has also a lot to be happy about because this is his third track to have acquired the No.1 spot this year. Ali Zafar really knows how to swish and flick that magic wand. Keep at it because we are waiting for some other great singles.

  1. Na Tum Samjhe by Sajjad Ali

Through his street smart lyrics and melodious vocals Sajjad managed to touch the hearts of the general audience. He has that talent to pour emotions into a song that lets it settle deep into the listener’s soul. A song like many others which speaks of a couple madly in love separated by misunderstanding yet it doesn’t fail to make its own standing. This romantic number lands at No.2

  1. Abhi Sath Chal OST DUKHTAR by Sara Raza Khan

A close contender for the No.2 spot, Sara Raza Khan nonetheless made it to the humble No.3. ‘Abhi sath Chal’ was on the original soundtrack of Pakistan’s 2014 Oscar entry “Dukhtar” and the song like the film is deep and beautiful with a great story to tell.

  1. Rooh Remix by Bohemia

“Rooh”, as the name indicates is all about the soul and Bohemia has yet again created a beautiful track that is catchy and lively and exudes perfection. A must have in the playlist!

  1. Kaash by Bilal Saeed

Bilal Saeed ‘Kaash’ went viral a couple of weeks back and in such a short time it has made it to our Top 5! An absolute admirable number by Saeed and a well-earned spot. It will surely climb that ladder of fame in the coming weeks.

  1. Lady In Black OST Burka Avenger by Haroon and Adil Omar

The former No. 1 isn’t going away any time soon as it captures another week in the Top Ten. Our all-time favourite Lady in Black is surely the “black” in our Top Ten and refuses to budge. Kudos to Haroon and Adil Omar for creating this funky, catchy tune that is as addictive as it is viral. Not just kid’s favourite, we are all equally susceptible to this viral track! This track is highly addictive and you have been forewarned people!

  1. Mera Ishq by Quratulain Balouch

Surely blessed with a nightingale’s voice, QB’s Mera Ishq lands at No.7 and who wouldn’t have expected this soulful voice to make an appearance in our Top Ten. QB and her fans have a lot to celebrate about since this marks an entire month of her track being in the Top Ten. Talk about being persistently amazing!

  1. Mujhay Baar Baar Sada Na De by Abbas Ali Khan

A second appearance in our top charts and an absolutely award worthy tune! Abbas Ali Khan’s deep and powerful vocals do the magic again and earn him a spot in the charts for the second time. “Mujhe Baar Baar” demands to be heard Baar Baar and Abbas Ali Khan also keeps getting the ranking Baar Baar!

  1. Maalkauns by Mekaal Hasan Band

Mekaal Hasan Band earns this spot owing to their fiery, dramatic track “Maalkauns”. The song has successfully blended the improvisational strength and musical intricacy of jazz, the raw energy and primeval fire of rock, and the contemplative discipline and emotional depth of Hindustani Sangeet, hence invoking spirits and awakening souls.

  1. Neray Neray Vas by Soch

Soch just crept in our Top Ten before the lockdown and their track “Neray Neray” has rightfully earned this spot. The song purely depicts what Soch is all about and with this track they have managed to establish themselves as a more mature band with a greater understanding of music.

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