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Top 10 Rap Artists On Taazi

Top 10 Rap Artists On Taazi

By Isbah Khalid: Rap music has been known for its delivery, rhyme, expression and message. It’s all about hip hop beats with powerful lyrical influence that is skillfully crafted to “hit it”. This genre of music has escalated in our industry recently and not only have our artists kept the true expression alive but they have also given it a local touch that makes it all the more appealing. We have crafted a list of the top rap artists on Taazi.com, check them out

1. Bohemia

This name isn’t new for Rap music fans and is one of the most talented and respected names in the industry. This Punjabi rapper just knows how “to hit” with exactly the right words and rhythm. His hits like “Veera” have steered him straight to the top and right now he is leading the charts at Taazi.com! Make way everyone, the King of Rap is here!bohemia

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2. Osama Com Laude

Rhyme and rhythm, check- Super cool hip hop beats, check-Lyrics, subject, style- all check! This classy rapper is never out of cool stuff. When it comes to addressing issues most people avoid, he is truly the man to turn to because he always has something great up his sleeve. His songs like “The Balance” and “Barack Osama” truly hit the target and he doesn’t go off beat or topic even for a second. A well-deserved spot on the Taazi charts!osama com laude

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3. Ali Gul Pir

The creator of “Waderai ka Beta” is truly a fun rapper! He rose to stardom with this satirical song and after that came “VIP” and “Kholo BC” which gave him the much deserved credit for bringing up serious societal and political issues to the front. His lyrics are funny, satirical and always have a higher issue addressed in them. Check out his cool numbers on Taazi.comaligul

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4. Rap Engineers

These guys have successfully amalgamated the Desi and Hip hop themes in rap music and are truly fascinating! That hip hop beat having that inoculation of tabla is truly what Pakistani rap music needed! The lyrics and words are powerful and every song is as beautiful as the one before if not more. Highly recommended for anyone having a taste for classical music! Check out their songs “Conflict Management” and “Bin Shajar” which truly define what this Desi Hip Hop band is all about.rapengineers

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5. Young Stunners

This vessel is just brimming with talent. He is clearly on a mission with his rap music being his secret weapon. His song “Naraz Na Hona” hits home with the beautiful message against terrorism and brutally murdering kids. “Tu Ne Mere Jaana” is another beautiful song. Check out his work on Taazi.com!young stunners

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6. Adil Omar

Deep, dark and powerful with great delivery- these are the perfect words to describe Adil Omar’s work. “Exploding Heart” and “Hand Over Your Guns” are truly powerful numbers. He is definitely a great asset to the industry! Watch out for this one because he is going places!adil omar

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7. Talhah Yunus

This lad from Karachi gave us hits like “Burger-e-Karachi” and “Maila Majnu”. His message is strong and lyrics are fun. He has a long way ahead of him and he his efforts are praise worthy. Check out his tracks on Taazi.com- you won’t be disappointed!talhah younus

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8. DrAssenator

This artist and electronic music producer has a brilliant and rare talent. He adds that “hop” in Hip Hop and his songs just make you bang your head along with the beats. His delivery in every song is as strong as the marvelous music in them. Go over to Taazi.com to know more about his work.drassenator

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9. Tazzz Music

Tazzz is like a breath of fresh air to rap music. This Bristish rapper rose to stardom with his hit “Radha” back in 2012 and since then he has been dubbed the pioneer of the “new generation of sound” and he lives up to all the expectations. “Tere Bina” , “Teardrops” and the most recent global hit “Ayaan” are perfect examples of his impeccable talent.tazzz

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10. Sid Mr Rapper

Sid is a rising star and his rapping style is traditional but with a personal touch that makes him stand out. His rhyme and lyrics add some fun to those bouncy beats and is overall a pleasurable experience. Check out his songs on Taazi.com!sidrapper

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