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Top Ten Covers On Taazi

Top Ten Covers On Taazi

By Isbah Khalid: There are some songs that are never out of the mind and definitely one way or another they find a spot in our playlists. The best thing that can be done to keep them alive is to transform them into something more current and beautiful; add that extra bit of today’s touch and have the songs come to life again, this time with some extra beauty. Taazi.com has compiled a list of Top Ten Covers, have a look at them:

top 10 cover songs

1. Halka Halka Suroor- Farhan Saeed

It’s hard for a talent such as Farhan Saeed to stay out of the news or in the top ten lists of almost every category of songs. This time it’s the Covers and his rendition of “Halka Halka Surror” is at top of the chart! No surprise there, of course we know that since it was an instant hit the moment it came out and it still hasn’t run out of steam. Check out the leading cover by Farhan Saeed on Taazi.com.farhan saeed

2. Akhiyaan Nu Ren Dey- Quratulain Baloch

QB is well known for her vocals which have a super powerful pull and exert an absolutely majestic force on the senses leaving the listener in a stance. This powerhouse of vocals did an excellent job with “Akiyaan Nu Ren Dey” and as usual it is a complete delight. There is not a single moment throughout the song where her voice loses its mighty power. This cover is at No.2!QB

3. Mera Bichra Yaar- Zoe Viccaji ft. Strings

Strings are never out of fashion- they are an evergreen musical inspiration for all and this very song is as beautiful as any and is still everybody’s favourite. Zoe Viccaji is just an absolutely beautiful voice; who could have thought that a female voice could pull off such a brilliant song with such perfection but this girl has done it! This cover lands at No.3.zoe vicajji

4. Tainted Love- Jehangir Aziz Hayat

Jehangir Aziz Hayat has that special texture in his voice that just molds itself perfectly around almost every song and this guy has a knack for picking up songs that suit him perfectly and after that he just nails them! His rendition of “Tainted Love” is a perfect example of that. This beautiful cover is at No.4 in our chart.jj3

5. ET-Kanza and Ali

This track is Herculean! Yes, it is that brilliant. It’s fun, has a perfect dose of music beats and vocal waves and is just one of those covers that actually make an original better than it originally was. Kanza and Ali have installed some jumbo sized good stuff in the song and this song needs to make a landing in your playlist so give it a go!kanza-munir

6. Piyar Di Ganderi- Symt

Okay so this one is fun, funky and fabulous. You will start dancing when you hit play and won’t stop till it ends and start doing it all over. Great vocals, killer music and a perfectly upbeat song for a gloomy, rainy day.  Download it at Tazi.com.symt1

7.  Mera Ishq- Iflah

Iflah is just what puts the soul in the song! She has a massively powerful voice and she uses it perfectly; it’s controlled yet it lets out a yawp that is beautifully synchronized and in flow. “Mera Ishq” is at No.7 in our charts and it’s an absolute must have for the playlistiflah

8. Teardrops Tazzz Ft.Rita Morar & Raxstar

“Teardrops” has almost everything a good song would need; vocals, a beautiful evergreen song, beats, and some killer rap! This is a brilliant cover that gives you that “Up and at ‘em” feeling and is overall quite cheerful. Check it out on Taazi.com.maxresdefault

9. Hey There Delilah- Abdullah Qureshi

This Plain White Tees beautiful number has been covered by various artists and Abdullah Qureshi has as usual done a fantastic job. Not only does he maintain the original crisp of the song and keeps the vibe intact but also gives it his own touch which makes this song an absolute delight!abdullah

10. Dil Ki Lagi- Huma Khawaja

Huma Khawaj pays tribute to the beautiful Nazia Hassan in her own beautiful voice and she has done justice to the song. Her voice is soft and beautiful and it completely makes the song a delightful rendition that you can listen to over and over and relive those golden days.huma