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Top Ten Female Singers On Taazi

Top Ten Female Singers On Taazi

By Isbah Khalid: Taazi.com witnesses immense talent being appreciated every day. It is only fitting that we shed some light on the leading artists who have taken our charts by storm. We have jotted down a list of Top Ten Females artists in terms of number of songs being played to show everyone our womenfolk have mettle! Here’s to Girl Power!top female singers

  1. Sara Raza Khan– This sweet, glace’ voice is ruling the Taazi charts right now! With her voice she has surely captured a large audience. With songs like “Dil Ki Lagi” and “Roothi Roothi Zindagi” she is becoming the Queen on Taazi.com. She claimed the Best Song Award at Hum TV Awards and now she is at Taazi to claim the first spot! Way to go girl!sara raza khan

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  1. Quratulain Baloch– This powerhouse of vocals rose to stardom with her version of Reshma’s song “Ankhian nu ren de” is at No 2 in our top charts. She earned more fame and a bow from the music industry with her song “Humsafar” which she sang for a TV play. Nothing like a good QB song to brighten the day!Quratulain-Balouch

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  1. Zoe Vicajji – This Jazz Diva has landed on No.3 and by the looks of it she is going to be a tough contender. The voice behind “Mera Bichra Yar” a new version of Strings’ ever green song, this talent rose to stardom and now she is in the mainstream, composing her own music and delivering perfection.zoe

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  1. Annie Khalid– Annie Khalid is always coming up with amazing, catchy tracks that make us dance and sing along and here’s the proof of her popularity among the masses, she is at No. 4 in the charts.Annie-Khalid-2

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  1. Abida Parveen– The evergreen, strong and beautiful voice of Abida Parveen is always a treat for the mind and soothing for the ears. Belting out melodies that leaves everyone in goose-bumps Madam Parveen is a living legend! She is at No.5.Abida-Parveen-Ramooz-e-Ishq-Wallpaper-1920x1080-2

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  1. Masuma Anwar– A touch of Sufi is all we need once in a while to calm our overwhelming hearts and this voice does exactly that! A beautiful touch of our old folk music combined with this husky, soul searing voice is nothing but marvelous. She is at No.6 in our charts.drmasum

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  1. Natasha Humera Ejaz– A passionate singer-songwriter who just keeps emitting immense talent in every project she does, a story teller, she is at No.7 in the charts and is surely predicted to do wonders. Someone to keep an eye out for, for sure!Natasha-Ejaz-Pic

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  1. Maham Malik– Her latest song “Teri Rahon Mein” has created buzz and waves everywhere! The song was an instant hit and has earned her a massive fan following. She is at No.8maham malik

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  1. Kanza Munir– From doing covers of great songs to mashups this girl has figured it all out and is definitely going places. She lands at No. 9 in out charts and we must ask you to keep an eye out for this one!kanza-munir

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  1. Sanam Marvi– Her father Fakir Ghulam Rasool as an inspiration this rare talent started off her training at a very young age and has now made her own name within the classical music industry. Bringing the mystical songs and music of Sindh with her she has made a name for herself in a very short time. She is at No. 10 in the Top ChartsSanam-Marvi

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