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Top Ten National Songs That Make You Bleed Green

Top Ten National Songs That Make You Bleed Green

By Isbah Khalid: From the flags waving at the rooftops to the small ones the kids put on their bicycles roaming around and spreading the message of hope love and unity- this month is all about being Green! Let’s celebrate our independence and awaken the Green giant within that wishes to unleash everything good this country needs. We have compiled a Top Ten National songs list to help you bleed Green! Check it out at Taazi.com

1. Dil Dil Pakistan- Vital Signs
Whenever somebody talks about National Songs this will always be the first song that will cross our minds. This song that made us laugh, cry and had adrenaline pumping through our veins on every 14th of August is the master of them all! Vital Signs exploded into an array of green with this magnificent number that is till date the best national song that brings out the patriotic side in every Pakistani. Topping the charts is this glorious number from Vital Signs!

2. Sohni Dharti- Coke Studio
This rendition of “Sohni Dharti” by Coke Studio is at No.2. Give a great artist a great song and you have an epic delivery, but give that same great song to a bunch of super talented artists ranging from masters like Farida Khanam, Arif Lohar, Shazia Manzoor, Ustad Hamid Ali Khan, with a touch of pop artists like Ali Hiader, Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar and of course the rock stars QB, Umair Jaswal and Ali Azmat accompanied by some newbies- this song is close to a musical miracle and it does not fail to make your heart beat a little bit faster because the green in our veins starts flowing with a bit more zeal than usual. This song is truly magical!

3. Ae Watan Ke- Noor Jahan
Our Nightingale Madam Noor Jahan left us with many brilliant songs and this has to one of her best ones. She was all about Pakistan; keeping that spark and spirit alive via her songs being played for soldiers battling their way through a war, keeping everybody safe at home. This is a song dedicated to all those souls who fought for the country, the martyrs who lost their lives defending their loved ones and a reminder of what was the cost of bringing this nation on the world map- this song gives you goose bumps!

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4. Ye Watan Tumhara Hai- Mehdi Hassan
The legendary Mehdi Hassan gifted us this beautiful national song that still leaves us awestruck. This beautiful song has been sung on countless Independence day functions and has always been around in our spirits lighting the lanterns of patriotism. This song will live on forever!mehdi-hassan
5. Yaron Yehi Dosti Hai- Jupiters
Jupiters were huge back in the days and they left us with some ever green national songs- one of them was the brilliant “Yaron Yehi Dosti Hai” which had us dancing on its beat and making us sing along every time it was played and it has still not lost its charm. This song about brotherhood portrays the true spirit of our country.

6. Dil Se- Haroon
“Dil Se” is one of those songs that take you on a beautiful journey from the Independence day to the current times. Its soft, beautiful and promotes the spirit of being a true Pakistani; the sacrifices we made and our willing to make for this beautiful country, the love we have for the land of the pure and the promises we made that need to be fulfilled.

7. Khayal Rakhna- Alamgir and Benjamin Sisters
“Khayal Rakhna” is exactly what this country needs to listen to over and over again- it’s like a message from the Quiad being put into a song; it’s our country and we have to do everything to bring it up to the level it was destined to be at. This beautiful song is still played over and over on every Independence day

8. Jeeyay- AaroH
This number roaring with the strength of a lion’s vocal chords was one of the best songs that AaroH sang and it still echoes the prayer that was sent out. “Jeeyay” is a brilliant national song and with a touch of modern beats it made its way into the top charts.

9. Chand Meri Zameen- Amanat Ali Khan
The song that most of us grew up listening to enlightened us and made us more aware of our nationality and till today it has not lost its charm or pull and every time this song is played we sing along because we remember the lyrics like our own name. A truly beautiful song!big_p28d
10. Is Parcham K Saaye- Nayyar Noor
Another song we grew up listening to and that we want nothing more than to hear again on every 14th of August. Uniting us on one platform, under that green and white flag was this song and is an all-time favourite of almost everyone.nayyara_noor_thinktwicepakistan