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Tu Thori Dair by Farhan Saeed – Grab Some Tissues Everyone!

Tu Thori Dair by Farhan Saeed – Grab Some Tissues Everyone!

By Isbah Khalid: A fire crackling as the band of brothers sit in a circle around it chatting away while our lead guy sits in his tent reminiscing about his lady love adorned in his army uniform. Farhan Saeed just keeps getting better and looks like there is no stopping him.

farhan tributeHis recent video ‘Tu Thori Dair’ is a tribute to our troops who are encapsulated by battle and to all the lives lost in an effort to keep this country safe and in one piece. This beautiful tribute encompasses all the feelings and emotions a normal person can relate to. While these lionhearted troops fight and keep us safe every day and watch over while we sleep in our cozy beds their families, wives and kids stay up all night praying for their safety.
urwaThe sacrifice of comfort, their loved ones and their families has been the main focus and how beautifully has it been delivered by Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane. A newly wed who had to leave immediately for duty on his wedding night is haunted by all the dreams that he could have lived. His new wife and mother are left to pace around the house in misery, jumping on every occasion the phone rings in the hope that this time it might be him.

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Two bodies, one soul- this perfectly describes their relation, she can sense immediately that something is wrong and sure enough we see our lead getting shot and shifted to the hospital where he is breathing his last. But as the saying goes, love conquers all, it surely does! His wife’s prayers are answered and the doctor gives nod and all she can do is sigh and cry with relief.

tu thori der

Whether you are an army personnel or not, a hopeless romantic or have an eversion to such things, this video will surely have you in tears and will sate you hunger and give you what you crave. A soulful combination of music, voice and visuals!