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Twists & Turns of the movie “OYE! KUCH KAR GUZAR”!

Twists & Turns of the movie “OYE! KUCH KAR GUZAR”!

By Eman Zameer Rahman: DJUICE PAKISTAN presents Pakistan’s First Online Movie “OYE! KUCH KAR GUZAR”!

Pakistan’s First Online Film is out!! Released on 3rd December on YouTube. Starring the talented actors to produce magic on screen, Ali Safina, Uzair Jaswal, Ushna Shah, and Mahjabeen Habib. The Villian role is played by none other than Nayyar Ejaz. Whoa!


So  get ready to be on this entertainment journey. The best thing about online flicks, you can watch it the day it is released in supreme quality, ‘cinema like experience’, on your screens at home with your loved ones and enjoy the nonstop entertainment presented by Djuice Pakistan. A new venture is started with it.

Watch The Full Film Here

But! That’s not it. This online movie is embedded with your choice of options!  You can choose the plot of the story by yourself and direct the movie. Don’t believe me? Go! Watch the movie now and get the feel of this unique experience. It’s super fun!


The story is amusing and hilarious from start to end with a lot of drama, suspense, adventure and thankfully, little romance. It not only gives you options to choose from, it also tells you what happens when you make a wrong decision by choosing that option. The story flows with comedy and suspense when Sherry (Ali Safina) decides to go against his father’s will to achieve his singing dream. It also touches the most frustrated part of Pakistan’s society, when we think ‘Log Kya Kahengia?’

Starring Ali Safina, as Sherry the dreamer- Ushna Shah as Xara Hayat Khan and the lady love of Sherry- Uzair Jaswal as Jango, the cool rich dude who is a best friend of Sherry- Mahjabeen as Shabnam, the ultimate character from an udru novel, who happens to become their journey partner.

Oh! Taher Shah giving an appearance in this movie took all of us by surprise.


He  displayed a royal aura wrapped in Gold with an adorable Persian white cat, and his long curly hair secured in a bun- Admit it! This look suits him more. And guess what’s the amazing part? He doesn’t sing, but speaks in a shayrana andaz in dramatic urdu and Ummm! still appraising, “ANGELS”!

Listen to Uzair Jaswal



‘Oye Kuch kar Guzar’ is a flick based on creativity which allows people to explore an interactive version in the movie. You can choose your own story plot as the movie provides you with 2 options at the end of every twist. Amazing and exciting?! I know. It’s one fun thing. The movie is about 45minutes and comes in a series of 5 episodes, each with 2 options of your choice. Click the one you like or just relax back and watch the movie unfold itself.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on the movie soundtrack of #OyeKuchKarGuzar!