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‘Umair Jaswal’ shocks and rocks in these ten pictures!

‘Umair Jaswal’ shocks and rocks in these ten pictures!

By Shershah Ahmed:

1. Not just a singer
thumbnail_umair_blog1You may know Umair as a singer, but being the multifaceted individual that he is, it goes so much deeper than that. After establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music world, he set his sights on establishing an acting career which has taken off with full force.

2. As if being an actor and musician was not enough.

thumbnail_umair_blog2You would think that being an actor and a musician would leave no room for branching out into other avenues. Umair however, has also made a foray into the modeling world, and his shoots were widely acclaimed by everyone and rightly so.

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3. His love for animals, particularly dogs is heartwarming.
thumbnail_umair_blog3The fact that he’s named them Luke and Leia is a win on its own, never mind how cute the dogs are!

4. Bitter rivals….or an elaborate prank?
thumbnail_umair_blog4Regardless of what the tabloids may have made you think with a ‘leaked’ video, which showed Ali Azmat at loggerheads with Umair, the whole thing was an elaborate ruse in order to build up publicity for the Red Bull Soundclash gig! The two artists are deeply respectful of each other in real life.

5. An honor to end all honors.
thumbnail_umair_blog5 Umair’s support of Pakistan’s armed forces is no secret, however the fact that the Air Chief himself presented him with a certificate of appreciation is a legendary achievement unto itself!

6. A wicked sense of humor.
thumbnail_umair_blog6Umair’s various works of art have been subject to a multitude of internet memes, ranging from the cleverly witty to the downright cringe worthy. The best part however, is that Umair himself encourages people to come up with these memes and occasionally posts the ones he finds the funniest on his social media page.

7. The ultimate achievement in music in Pakistan.
thumbnail_umair_blog7Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that Umair has been a part of Coke Studio for many years now. Initially beginning with a song with his band Qayaas, he has taken the Coke Studio world by storm and is now a firm staple on the show.

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8. Outspoken and supportive.
thumbnail_umair_blog8His words about Kashmir and its suffering, as well as criticizing the silence most Pakistani media personnel have shown was greatly received by his fans and the general populace.

9. A fitness enthusiast and role model for all.
thumbnail_umair_blog9Umair’s always been a gym aficionado, but in recent years his physique and the spotlight on it have skyrocketed. Whether it be bulking up for his movie role in ‘Yalghaar’, or the day to day health and fitness regiments, his efforts at promoting fitness are highly commendable.

10. He loves his fans, and the fans love him.
thumbnail_umair_blog10He may be from Islamabad, but his fans are nationwide. Regardless of all his fame and success, he finds a way to make sure he gives back to the people who support him, and that in itself is an achievement to add to his list!