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“Vantage Live Sessions” promoting Underground Musicians!

“Vantage Live Sessions” promoting Underground Musicians!

It all started in 2011 when Pakistan music industry started suffering because Pakistani musicians were not encouraged by the sponsors. On the contrary, there were still some platforms creating good music but the problems for the emerging stars remained the same.

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The man behind the existence of Vantage Live session is Mr. Nabeel Ur Rehman, who initiated the idea of giving the new comers a platform where they can to promote their talent. His focus was to indulge Pakistani music industry and to revive the music culture for Pakistan’s youth.

For the past 11 years,, Nabeel has been in music and for the last 5 years, he is the music producer and head of music production in Renown Pakistani Channel.

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The vantage Live Session Season 2 came out with the return of Vantage band Member Mr. Ibtihaj Abbas Khan who came from Australia, was already part of Vantage Band Since 2005 and now united with Mr. Nabeel ur Rehman, to continue the Dream of Vantage live Sessions i.e. “Strive to promote the new singers and musicians” with the Tagline “Let The Music Speak“!