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VENREZ: Find out all about this amazing Quartet from downtown LA.!

VENREZ: Find out all about this amazing Quartet from downtown LA.!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid: Lahore and Karachi are known to be cities that never sleep, but Los Angeles is the city where rock keeps you awake! So all the indie rock lovers, it’s time to plug in your auxiliary and tune in with Venrez – the Rock Band, from downtown L.A., whose music is ecstatic and fiery; no wonder why they have won an award for the best song in 2016!

Let’s get introduced to the amazing quartet first:

The band was formed in 2009, and since then they have been touring every year to entertain their fans, worldwide.


Before moving on to the gripping facts about them, let’s get to know about the band members.

Steven Berez – Lead Vocals, founder and the magnificent voice of the band.
Can you guess how the band was named Venrez? I’ll give you a hint: Steven Berez.

Yes! You got it right. Venrez are actually the last syllables of his first and last name!

Listen to Karma


 Jason Womack – Guitar & backing vocals.
He’s the band’s secret weapon; a producer, songwriter and co-founding member of Venrez.
Ed Davis – An outstanding Drummer!
He has years of experience!
Cynthia Gillet  – Bass.
Believe it or not, she is a former French national kickboxing champion. Whoa!

Listen to Hang the Predator 


Things you need to know about Venrez, the rock band:

These are the few things about them that we truly love!

  • The best thing about them is that they always address social issues with their music; mainly focusing on ending all government tyranny. They have a greater vision and higher aims to spread around the world, in their own unique way of music, rhythm and charm.

Listen to Sell the Lie to grab the glimpse of reality of this cruel World.


The main social issue ‘Ven’ is most passionate about and writes at least one song per album is about being anti-war and against discrimination based on creed. Isn’t it fascinating?

  • Children of the Drones (Album – 2015) fabricating the award winning song, ‘Hang the Predator’ bestowed by Academia Music Awards.


To  get the feel of what this band is all about, guys “Hang The Predator” the best hard rock song of this year’s August is all you need to listen.

  • Their upcoming tour this spring!

Venrez the band, tours across USA & UK and give their breathtakingly peerless performances, making the audience shiver to the soul with thrilling sensation. And guess what? They’re again planning a usual touring in Europe and the UK, next year.

  • Ven’s interest in sufi music!


How great it is to know that Steven Berez is quite interested in Sufi music and guess who is helping him learning that? An  award winning Pakistani-American Artist and Sufi Visionary, Imran Raza!

  • They, without a doubt has a fanatic global following.

Pakistan is on Top 3 countries having 150,000 Venrez fans from internet radio coming in behind Indonesia and India. So maybe this will trigger them to plan a trip to Pakistan!

Listen to Children Of The Drones


Talking to Venrez we got to know that they’ll plan to do a show in Islamabad, very soon. Yaaay!

So  Islamabadians, get ready for the Roller Coaster ride as they seem to have got exuberant plans for us. Let’s wait till they surprise us with their arrival!


And this leaves us wondering what the big news is!

  • Next year is going to be exciting for all their fans!

This majestic band, having the capability of taking the audience with zeal like no other rock band, is going to release their 5th album in February, 2017.

Watch the Video


So  no matter if you’re on wheels or sitting on your cozy couch, we promise you to enjoy to the fullest when this album’s comes out!

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