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With #BILLO, there’s nothing to fear!

With #BILLO, there’s nothing to fear!

By Hina Anjum: Come out, come out, wherever you are! That’s how Billy-X enchanted us and then, had our heads nodding like crazy. Casted a perfect spell and hooked us with his real amazing rapping skills.
billy xLadies and Gentlemen, Pakistani Rap Sensation Billy-X is back with his brand new track ‘Billo’ featuring… featuring? Come on now, guess the collaboration? Haha, ease your mind. Not here to trouble you. Billy-X had this single out featuring Somee Chohan; simply a striking combination to get us hypnotized for real.

He hit the floor with #‎BilloBazooka on 11th of May 2015, and believe it or not, ‘Billo’ has completely gone wild, making waves overnight!
This crazy track will continue to control your airwaves. The rhythm, rhyme and delivery is plain amazing! Rap has been the secret formula for Billy-X’s success from the beginning and is still in operation. Billy-X is unstoppable. He just can’t manage to stop himself from influencing people with his unique rap style. If you have what it takes, then dare to resist his charm.

It is scary to see the world doing no justice to the rap music, but with #Billo there’s nothing to fear. True rap fans, hold on tight. Because this madness won’t just stop that easily.

billyx blogMost awaited single of 2015 is here. Brace yourself! #‎BILLO‬ just awaits your ears now! Go to Taazi.com and let the waves move you. Or else, magnificent waves are coming your way to take their toll on you.

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