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Yasir Jaswal’s Journey From “Irtaash” To “Jalaibee”

Yasir Jaswal’s Journey From “Irtaash” To “Jalaibee”

By Sarah Ilyas Ehtasham-The Lux Style Award winner for the Best Music Video, Yasir Jawal is releasing his first Film “Jalaibee” as a director on March 20, 2015 across the globe mainly in Pakistan, UK, USA and UAE. The movie is being released under the production of Redrum films, Jaswal films and Sermad Films in association with ARY digital network.

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The young lead vocalist, composer and songwriter, from the band “Irtaash” back in 2011, Yasir Jaswal finally proved to his audiences that he is no doubt a versatile artist. The co-producer of the band’s first album “Kala Safaid Asmaan”, Jaswal produced many songs and also worked as RJ on different Radio shows.

As a music video director Yasir directed videos, “Maa”, “Bin Tere” and “Bolay” for his younger brother Uzair Jaswal and “Jaoon Kahan” for Salman Shaukat. He received the best music director award for his video “Bolay” last year.

Yasir Jawal’s latest sensation “Jalaibee” is based on a huge cast which includes Adnan Jafar, Asal Din khan, model and actor Ali Safina, young singer Uzair Jaswal (Yasir’s younger brother), known drama actor Danish Taimoor in the lead role, the famous music RJ and host Wiqar Ali Khan, Silver screen Actress Zahlay Sarhadi for her role in “Ramchand Pakistani”, Sajid Hassan, Salman Shaukat and and the gorgeous Sabeeka Imam.

This movie is supposed to be a one of its kind feature film in the Pakistani film industry, which has been shot on ARRI Alexa HD camera. This camera was said to be used in the shooting of Hollywood movies Iron man, Sky fall and Gravity.


Apart from direction, Yasir has also written the story of the most anticipated movie of the year “Jalaibee”. The film includes almost 10 tracks by various bands and artists including Uzair Jaswal, Qayaas and Humaira Arshad.

We wish this young and talented artist all the best for his debut as a filmmaker and hope that it sets a benchmark for the revival of Pakistani cinema.