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Yeh Dil- A Euphoric Collaboration

Yeh Dil- A Euphoric Collaboration

By Isbah Khalid: Ever since Mizmaar’s revamp moment through “Jee Loonga” they have been unstoppable. Not only that, they have successfully done what most people are afraid to do: Take risks, step over the boundary and make miracles happen. This time they have literally stepped over the border and lured in the mighty Palash Sen for an epic collaboration and the end result is nothing less than Euphoric.yeh dil

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“Ye Dil” has done more for people of the two countries than most people have achieved while working for the same cause; it’s downright brilliant in terms of composition and music and every time Palash Sen hits those high notes we thank Mizmaar over and over for picking this rock star and giving him the vocal section because it is truly amazing! Add in those ethereal moments when the guitar strings are set on fire and you will find it impossible to not hit that replay button.

The song was sent out as a gift for the two countries on the occasion of Independence Day and nothing could have portrayed the spirit of love, peace and brotherhood better than this song. It has clearly merged the two long lost brothers into one soul- and that is all that needed to be done. Kashan Admani, the frontman of Mizmaar, had made his intentions know from the beginning that this time around Mizmaar was going to all about exploring new horizons and keeping that window open for experimentation. Their new lead vocalist Mashad Shahryar is the best example of this. Both their singles “Jee Loonga” and “Dur” have been as distant from their previous songs as possible and we couldn’t be more thankful.






This song had been in the pipeline for quite some time and was set to dazzle on a music show which never happened. The lead guitarist had this to say about it, “I had been mixing Euphoria’s songs for quite some time and had previously floated the idea of collaboration to Palash [Sen]. Initially we were going to feature the song on a show that I was producing but due to plagiarism issues (with the concept being lifted by another show) it never happened, so we decided to release the song as part of Mizmaar upon our comeback.”

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The current song only includes Alfred Dmello and Kashan Admani ut not the new vocalist Mashad, keeping in line with their mission of course. Admani had vowed to keep the line open and flexible, “I had been working as a composer for quite some time and had been recording musicians of different styles and genres. So when we decided to re-launch Mizmaar I had made the decision that we would try and involve as many different musicians as we could whether they be western or from the sub-continent.”euphoria

Although a first for Mizmaar this wasn’t exactly the case with Euphoria which had previously recorded a similar song “Jeet Lo Dil” with Strings back in 2004. This is what Admani had to say about their collaboration, “Their style is very different and in many ways is un-Indian. Unlike most of the musicians in their country, they have not done film music and have continued to function as a band.”

Palash Sen had a brief yet powerful message to deliver, “Yeh Dil is my first official collaboration with Pakistani rock giants Mizmaar … The message is that love knows no boundaries. And we won’t let politicians and terrorists tell us what to do,” said Sen.