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You’ll never guess what ‘Zoe Viccaji’ has been up to!

You’ll never guess what ‘Zoe Viccaji’ has been up to!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid:¬†There are¬†so many musicians who use their fame for good. So it’s more like getting¬†entertained along with¬†finding¬†peace awareness¬†as a bonus by that one¬†person’s existence!

We all know Zoe Viccaji who started off her career as a backing vocalist at Coke Studio and became the lead singer later on. Today we would like to focus on five amazing facts which makes us extremely proud of her!

1. Meet ZOE!


Zoe, who is best known for her track ‚ÄėBichra Yaar‚Äô, is one of those few female singers of Pakistan who appeals wider audience through her outstanding vocals. No¬†wonder¬†why she has received¬†two awards¬†in the same year¬†for her album ‘Dareeche.

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Not to mention how incredible her fashion choices are! She’s one of the artists who always steps out on stage to never disappoint!

2. Viccaji sisters define sister goals!


In case you don’t know, she¬†has a sister who is also an incredible singer. Zoe is known as someone who is more likely to sing in a calm voice; ‘Rachel’ on the other hand is famous for her high notes. The Viccaji sisters always seem to do something exciting when together¬†& the¬†photographs posted by¬†them¬†are a proof¬†that from having fun to supporting each other, they always stick around. So ‘Rachel Zoe’¬†gives us new¬†sister goals that we all need to follow!


3. Her high-minded devotion to caring for animals.


Giving priority to save living things over partying all day, surely makes us love her more. There was this time, when  she collected some abandoned turtles and handed them over to the concerned person. It shows her love for the animals and makes her a better human being.

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Also Zoe owns both, cat and a dog. Sounds like she must be an awesome pet owner! We salute you for your kindness.

4. Her love for traveling.


She appreciates the glory of nature! From her photos & exciting captions, we have figured out that she must have so many great adventurous stories to tell.

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5. Her passion to bettering our world.


She has always been interested in raising awareness about the issues that affect us daily. From encouraging people to stop using plastic bags, to her efforts of collecting money for charity proves that she’s not only a good singer but also someone who cares deeply about people!

At the end we want to tell you that because of your¬†outstanding characteristics, music industry is truly blessed to have a musician like you! To know what’s cooking at Zoe’s end, continue¬†reading¬†Taazi Blogs.