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Zamad Baig – A Soulful Crooner on the Brink of Fame!

Zamad Baig – A Soulful Crooner on the Brink of Fame!

By Hina Anjum: “Dil ishq ishq parhda, Parhna hai dil nay sab yeh, dil aur baat karda, Dil ishq ishq parhda” Zamad Baig croons new soulful single “Dil Ishq” from his upcoming debut album.

Listen to #DilIshq by Zamad Baig


After a long wait and an amazing ‘Pakistan Idol’ journey came to an end, Zamad Baig is back and all set to mesmerize the audience with his latest soundtrack ‘Dil Ishq’. The Pakistan Idol winner, whose vocals never fail to impress, has garnered major buzz amongst the audience through his super catchy track. Listening to this traditional love song, featuring modern music, will leave a soothing effect on your senses, and will tide you over until the release of his music album.






The soulful crooner is currently working on his album, which haven’t been given a title yet. Three to four songs are related to ‘Ishq’ – Dil Ishq and Ishqa Waay are two among them. Then, there’s also a track called ‘Josh’. Under the banner of Geo Entertainment, the album will release in a few months. It’s worth the wait, fans!

The powerhouse vocals of Zamad Baig will definitely leave you awestruck. His voice texture is very rare, penetrating and eccentric. The track ‘Dil Ishq’ that speaks a lot about his vocal capability, is a song that you won’t be able to stop listening to!zamad baig

This is a start of a very exciting and beautiful beginning! ‘Dil Ishq’ is here to give treat to your ears, just take a quick bite to whet your appetite now. Go over to Taazi.com and let this track take you to a whole new level.