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Zille Huma, Daughter of Noor Jehan, Passes Away!

Zille Huma, Daughter of Noor Jehan, Passes Away!
BY AHMAD UZAIR | Zille Huma, the renowned singer and daughter of legendary Madam Noor Jehan passed away on 16th of  May early in the morning. She was also the mother of famous actor, director and singer Ahmad Ali Butt.
According to reports , Zille Huma was suffering from multiple ailments and her kidneys were also not functioning properly which gave rise to diabetes that kept her hospitalized for many weeks prior to her death.
Zille Huma was a true successor of Madam and although she couldn’t make her name as big as her mother but she definitely proved her singing style and looks that were very much inspired from her late mother. It would not be wrong to say that she had the maximum resemblance with her mother and even at the age of 70, looked quite young.
Over the period of time, she had garnered a lot of praise from the fans and critics alike by continuing the legacy of her mother and quite notably, her career started the same year when Noor Jehan bade farewell to her singing career.
On the sad demise of Zille Huma, we offer our condolences to the entire family and pray that Allah bless her soul and may she rest in peace. Ameen!