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Zoe Viccaji – A Talent That Knows No Boundaries

Zoe Viccaji – A Talent That Knows No Boundaries

By Isbah Khalid: Zoe Viccaji just hit a home run or should we say an over the border run with her win at the Indian Recording Arts Awards. Her album ‘Dareeche’ won the Best Mixed Album award on May 30th at the IRA Awards making her land in the list of yet another Pakistani talent to have a nod of approval from across the border. A country whose own musical talent is quite spectacular recognizing Pakistani talent is indeed a real treat.

zoeRecorded by Shahi Hasaan in Karachi, add in some spice from the Mumbai based engineers and of course Zoe Viccaji’s beautiful voice the album was already set to be a huge hit. She was signed by Universal Music in India and the final embellishments to the album were added by the Christian Wright from the Abbey Road Studios in London. Zoe Viccaji thanked her entire team after winning the award in a Facebook post for helping her realise her dream and making this album a reality.

zoe vicajjiA much talked about album finally getting what it deserved and Zoe Viccaji has done us proud once more. A talent of immense proportions is breathing among us; all it needs is some extra blow to kindle the fire into a full fierce flame. We are all set to witness more awesomeness from this amazing talent. In the meantime Zoe Viccaji, if things keep going as they are you might want to consider getting a cabinet for the upcoming awards.

Listen to the complete album here: